To snap that perfect photo

  1. Collect photography information as much as you can

To begin with your career in photography at the right path, you need to gather information regarding it first. Gathering information provides you guidance on the appropriate steps you need to take. Researching can be done through the internet, talking to professional photographers, as well as reading some books regarding the subject.

  1. Purchase the digital camera that you desire

Even if you are still at the beginning stage of your photography career, it is best to purchase the digital camera that you truly want. You need to purchase something that provides you with the kind of pictures that you desire. By using a camera that provides quality photos, you become much more encouraged in taking a lot more pictures with it, even if you are still trying to learn about it.

  1. Invest in a tripod

Having a tripod provides you with lots of advantages, as far as taking pictures is concerned. It is one of the important things you need to invest on, have quality landscape shots. Apart from that, it also helps you in taking marvelous pictures of sunset or sunrise.

  1. Time your shots well

Well timed shots are one of the keys in taking beautiful pictures. This is in fact one of the reasons some professional photographers suggest beginners in the field, to use filmed cameras at the beginning. This is because, using such types of cameras help individuals develop a good habit in timing and selecting his shots, because the film restricts it.

  1. Don’t be reluctant to attempt new angles

Beginners always tend to stick on taking pictures of his subject head on. If you are doing that, you may be preventing yourself in discovering the very best angles. Hence, it is a good idea to experiment with various angles. Try to take the picture from the top or from below. Doing that, you can have various perspectives of the scene.

  1. Always look for candid shots

Looking for candid shots actually provides you with more opportunities of taking the very best shots. When you look at different photos, you find that some of the very best ones are those that are taken without the subjects looking at the camera. Capture scenes where people are doing their usual things, and you will see how natural it becomes.

  1. Take advantage of UV filters on the front of your camera lenses

UV filters provide your camera with the protection it needs, to remain in top condition. Place the filters in front of your camera lenses, so that your lenses are protected from scratches or knocks. With that, you can be assured that your lenses last much longer.

  1. Buy different size lenses and swap with a fellow photography enthusiast to save money

Camera lenses are rather expensive nowadays; and, having a good variety of them offers you much more when it pertains to taking pictures. However, if you wish to save on cost, find a friend who has the same brand of camera. Apart from that, have an arrangement with him in buying different lenses, so that you can exchange lenses whenever you require.

  1. Use a remote if you still get blurred shots despite using a tripod

Despite using a tripod, there is still a possibility that you get blurred shots. This can be because of the way you press the shutter button, in taking the pictures. To get around that, all you need to have is a remote. Apart from that, you can also take advantage of your camera’s delay timer.

  1. Take advantage of your mobile phone’s camera if you are trying to scope for beautiful landscape shots. So you won’t forget them

Scoping for wonderful landscape shots becomes a fun activity, especially if you won’t keep on forgetting those that you wish to see in the future. To prevent that from keep happening, you can always use your mobile phone’s camera. Doing that, you are able to remember where you wish to shoot your landscape scene next, by simply checking your phone.

  1. How to make sure that your lenses do not knock against each other while being put inside your bag

Camera lenses do not come cheap these days, which is why you need to take care of them appropriately. To make sure that they won’t damage each other while being put inside the bag though, you can use your hiking socks for them. All you need to do is to cut the shocks into its correct sizes. Just make sure that the socks are cleaned so that your lens would not get dust on it.

  1. Provide yourself some time to browse the photographs you have taken

Checking out your work every couple of weeks you clicked them gives you a new feeling for the photos. Apart from that, it additionally gives you the opportunity to see what you did right, and what you did wrong. More significantly, even if you did really well with them, you can always use them as your guide to make improvements.

  1. How to take images of fast moving or unpredictable subjects

There are times when you wish to capture images of subjects that are erratic, unpredictable or moving fast. An instance of this would be your family pet dog playing around the garden. To make sure that you capture a decent picture, simply use your camera’s continuous shooting mode. With that, it takes a number of shots in just a second, which offers you the chance to capture a good shot.

  1. What you can do to be a wedding photographer

If you intend to be a wedding photographer, start it right, so that you get more clients. Start out right in photography means collecting information regarding it. However, you should also practice much more; and, one of the very best ways to do that is to volunteer as one of the photographers for your friend’s or relative’s wedding party.

  1. How to ensure that you are buying the appropriate kind of lens, especially if it expensive

Lenses are available in various models and designs these days. Some are big, while some are small. Keep in mind that such camera accessories are rather expensive. To make sure that you purchase the right kind though, always rent certain kinds of lens for a couple of days, so that you can check out their numerous functions, features and benefits, which should help you make the right purchase.

  1. Develop a homemade light box if you are attempting to take pictures of your products

If you are trying to market products online and you wish to take pictures of them, you need to have a good light box for it, so that your images look great. You can make a homemade light box with a cardboard box and a tracing paper. With your homemade light box, you can take quality pictures of the products, which helps in selling them faster.

  1. Lower down your camera

Most of the times, you generally take a picture standing up. Try lowering it down for certain types of shots to explore different angles. Checking out different perspectives provide you with even more options on how you wish to go about in taking a picture of your subject. Apart from that, lowering your camera is one of the most effective things to do when your subject is small.

  1. Your hobby pays for all your hard work

To gain inspiration in taking beautiful pictures, one of the best things to do with is to sell them on photography websites. These websites expose your pictures to people who are searching for the best images for their advertising and marketing efforts. Simply put, if companies find that your pictures are good in quality, and they are applicable to their products, they would purchase it.

  1. Use plastic LCD screen protectors

You need to protect your camera’s LCD screen at all times, since it is where you check the images you captured. To achieve that, simply use LCD screen protectors for them. They ensure that your LCD would be free from scratches and dust. Hence, with them, maintain the quality of your digital camera for a longer period.

  1. Control the lights

Some consider capturing light for the picture you are taking as an art. To control light, you need to consider the different sources of it, such as the sunlight, flashes, and lamps. You need to understand that these different sources may also need different tools, to take advantage of them, such as the reflectors, diffusers, and snoots.

  1. Check out the “EXIF DATA”

While you checking back your pictures, check out the camera settings when you took them. Some of the settings you need to know regarding this include the aperture, shutter speed, and such. For that, refer to the “EXIF DATA” of the pictures. Doing that, it helps you take note of the important things you did right or you did wrong, and make improvements.

  1. Use your flash outdoors

This idea may seem a bit amusing for some. However, using your flash when you take pictures outdoors is actually a great idea. It is often described by professionals as “fill flash”. Using your flash outside, helps, illuminate your subject even on a sunny day especially if the light is coming from behind them.

  1. How to take images of sunsets

Setting your white equilibrium to daylight and not to auto is a good idea when taking pictures of sunrises or sunsets. Usually, when there is lower amount of light, your camera may not provide you the very best image. Hence, it is best to set it to daylight, or even better, put the white equilibrium mode to manual.

  1. Back up your images

Back up of your images is one of the most essential things you need to do. You can conveniently do it by purchasing an external hard disk for your computer. By back up of your images, you are assured that they won’t get lost. Back up your photos every one or two weeks, and store them in a safe place.

  1. How to manage your hard disk space

Managing your hard disk space is extremely important, because it is where you store your images. Save space on your hard disk by spending time in sorting out the images. Select the images that you actually intend to keep. After doing that, all those that you have not selected should be deleted, so that you save more space for future photos.

  1. Reason to avoid the built in flash

In using the built in flash of your camera, it provides an undesirable effect to your subject. It can leave your subject with excessive light. Hence, it is best to invest on a quality external flash. Pair it with a diffuser, and learn to utilize them appropriately to get the very best photo quality.

  1. Talk to your subjects

While trying to take portraits, it is best to talk to your subjects while you are doing it. When you talk to them, it makes them much more comfortable in front of the camera, which makes the photos look even more natural. Apart from that, it also provides you an opportunity to take candid shots.

  1. Evaluate the modes of your camera

If you have just bought a brand new camera, one of the first things that you can do is to evaluate its various modes. You should experiment with its auto mode, manual mode, and such. Doing that, you become much more acquainted of its settings. Therefore, you would learn more regarding what settings to use in different types of photo taking.

  1. What to do without using a tripod

If you don’t have a tripod, you can still take quality photos by bracing yourself while capturing. You can do this by leaning against a wall, or resting your camera on top of a steady object. Apart from that though, to make sure that the photos are not blurred, hold your breath when pressing the on the shutter button.

  1. Always return the settings of your camera to the regular one

There are times when you intend to take pictures while you are strolling around the park, or at your neighborhood. To make sure that you take an instant shot, it is best that you always put your camera on regular settings. With that, you are able to snap on it instantly, without having to go through lots of hassles in getting the appropriate settings.

  1. Doing a trick with sunglasses

Increasing the color saturation can still be done despite using a compact camera. All you need to do is to hold your sunglasses on top of the lens, in which it serves as its polarizing filter. This reduces the glare and reflections. However, take a couple of shots initially, to ensure that you won’t include the frames of your sunglasses into the picture.

  1. Do some experimenting

Lots of beginners in photography are rather serious in adhering to all the important things they learned through the books they read. To stand apart from the rest, you need to do some experimenting by not adhering to the guidelines all the time. When you do that, you are able to discover new techniques and compare various perspectives.

  1. Have your own business card

Having your own business card is a great way to let people know that you offer your photography services to them. However, it is also one of things you can do to ensure that you won’t offend someone, when you take their picture off the street. If someone confronts you, just hand over the card, so that he recognizes that you are an artist or a professional. Doing that, the person feels good that you have chosen him as your subject.

  1. How to choose in erasing or keeping the image

Usually, you may find yourself out of space to save your photos. Therefore, it is best to decide on what images to keep and what to erase. To decide on erasing an image, just consider hanging it on your wall. If you don’t like the thought of doing that, it means that the image should be erased.

  1. Build your portfolio

Whether you intend to be a professional photographer or not, building a portfolio still offers lots of advantages. Building one can be done online, in which all you need to do is to save your best photographs on a certain website, after signing up for your own account. Doing that, you are able to check your photos conveniently, even when you are away from home, and set your standards higher.

  1. Make sure that the photo tells a story

Prior to hitting the shutter in taking a picture, take a while to check your subject, as well as the frame. Try to see if the subject blends well with its background, and various other things in the picture. Doing that, you ensure that your photograph tells a story.

  1. Set yourself up for a challenge

Challenge yourself, to improving your creativity, by taking at least one good photograph each day. Even if you don’t feel like it, you should stand up, and take a picture even of the most uninspiring objects. Doing that, you later on realize that you can merely use your imagination, to take interesting pictures.

  1. Read the user manual

Many people today do not take time in reading the user manual of their digital cameras, assuming that all of the functions can be learned by merely playing with them. However, if you try to sit down and give it some time, you would realize that there are things that you actually learn from it. Reading user manual provides a means to find out more about your camera’s functionality and capability.

  1. Shoot pictures in the city

Taking pictures in the city can be dull and boring for some people. However, there are actually lots of ways that you can make the pictures look more fascinating. One of which is to go to a multi-story parking lot, and take pictures at its different levels. Doing that, you are able see bird’s-eye views of the city. Apart from that, it also offers a fresh perspective over the usual ground shots.

  1. Don’t let rain affect you

Sometimes, when it is raining, you could find yourself getting discouraged in taking pictures. However, there are actually ways that you can go around it, and still take beautiful pictures. For instance, taking a picture through a window that is covered with rain provides a gloomy impact for a change.

  1. What to use as a light reflector

Having a light reflector helps you when it pertains to taking portraits. Using a large piece of white paper can be used as your light reflector. With this white paper reflector, you can use it for portraits, as well as for still-lifes. Do some experiment, so that you can achieve the kind of quality you desire.

  1. How to prevent your subject from shutting his eyes

If you generally end up with pictures of kids shutting their eyes when they blink at the wrong moment, do a simple trick to prevent it from happening again. Just tell him to shut his eyes, and open them only when you say so. Tell him to smile as well, so that you are able to take a good portrait picture, in which his eyes opened and he is smiling.

  1. A technique to get your focus right

Sometimes, people find it rather challenging to get the focus right in doing a self-portrait. To get around it, switch off the lights, while holding a flashlight next to your eye. While doing that, press the remote shutter half way down to trigger its auto focus. Then, just turn the lights back on and take yourself portrait. Your camera must have the right focus by then.

  1. Use a compact camera

Using a compact camera produces images that are not top quality if it is not set in optical zoom. With that, it is best if you understand how to recognize or change it from digital to optical zoom. To accomplish that, you can always check the user’s manual.

  1. Take pictures while traveling

When you are traveling, one of the very best ways to learn more about the best spots to take pictures at is to check out brochures. Apart from that, you can also go to travel blogs and websites. Doing these things, you can take a glimpse of magnificent landscape pictures, which should give you a far better idea regarding where to position yourself when you reach your destination.

  1. Not having the best exposure

It can be tricky to get the best exposure at times with a new camera. To fix it, put it in Auto mode and take a snap at an object. If the picture comes out in good quality, check out the settings that the camera selected for it. After that, take note of the settings, so that you can follow it in the future.

  1. Must visit the website of your camera’s manufacturer

Do not forget to visit the website of the company that made your digital camera. Most of the times, when there is new software or firmware update, it would be posted on the website, and you can download it conveniently. Apart from that, you can also take advantage of its section, where individuals and technical persons discuss certain issues.

  1. Pre-sets

One of the very best aspects of modern digital cameras nowadays, is the fact that they allow you to have your own presets. With presets, you can determine the settings that you deem most appropriate for certain scenes. Save your presets, so that you can conveniently activate them when needed.

  1. Take care of your camera’s batteries

Camera batteries need appropriate care for them to last much longer. One of the very best things that you can do for it is to let it drain once or twice in a month. Once it is completely discharge though, make sure that you charge it properly. This practice ensures that you prolong the life of your batteries.

  1. What should you do with spots on the pictures

At times, you may see certain spots on your pictures. When this happens, it could be an indication that your lens or sensor has dust on it. Try to blow it and take another picture. However, if you wish to ensure not to experience it again, you should purchase a cleansing kit for your sensor.

macro photography background ideas
macro photography background ideas
  1. How to appropriately take pictures of fireworks

Fireworks can be rather challenging to capture. However, there are certain steps you can take to take gorgeous photos of them. A number of them would be to use a tripod, and ensure that your focus is set to its maximum level. Apart from that, use longer shutter speeds for it around a one second to five seconds.

  1. Shoot a moving object

If you intend to take pictures of a moving object, make sure that your camera is equipped with an auto focus tracking mode, or something similar to it. This feature makes your camera to track the moving object automatically, while continuously adjusting its focus. With that, all you need to do is to make sure that you are getting the composition right.

  1. Try to enjoy your hobby

If you intend to be good in photography, you need to learn to enjoy it. Don’t be too tough on yourself, whenever you come up with shots that are not satisfactory. Getting no decent shots actually happen even to the very best photographers. When that happens, challenge yourself and practice more.

  1. Use natural reflectors

Using natural reflectors brings out the very best in your photographs. For instance, if you are shooting pictures at the beach, the white sand serves as your giant reflector. To take advantage of it, have your subject sit on the sand. Besides the sand, water can also serve as a good reflector.

  1. Shoot pictures on a cloudy day

If you intend to take excellent portraits outdoors, do it on a cloudy day. When it is cloudy, it actually evens out the light. This is due to the fact that the clouds serve as your giant reflector. Apart from that, it also manages the light coming from the sun, which enables you to take full advantage of your flash.

  1. Use a broom handle instead of a light stand

If you have an assistant with you when you are taking portraits, it is a good idea to position the flash at the end of a broomstick. Let your assistant hold it at the appropriate point. Doing this, you won’t have to worry about the stand getting knocked over because of the strong winds. This helps you to work much faster, and with more convenience.

  1. Try to capture three photos in a row

While shooting pictures of children, you should try to take three or more photos in a row. This way, you are able to capture their movements, which become rather amusing or fascinating. After taking the photos, simply put them all in a filmstrip, which you can do with a software application. The pictures when presented well should tell a story regarding the kids.

  1. Don’t let your model wait for you

Having a model wait for you is not a great way to start. This makes him or her lose that energy, which you need in developing beautiful portraits. Hence, before your model arrives at location, you should do your preparations beforehand. Have it done hours before, so that you can start instantly after your model turns up.

  1. Take note of the background

Keep in mind that the subject of your photo must be the one that captures the attention of the people viewing it. Therefore, you need to be mindful of the background. With a background, that distracts a viewer’s attention, your subject’s smile or posture may be ignored. Hence, pick the background well, to ensure that the emphasis remains on the subject of your photo.

  1. Don’t erase photos while inside the camera

While the pictures are still inside the camera, it is not wise to erase them yet, especially if you are unsure. This is because the LCD screen may not provide you with the right way to evaluate the shot, because that it is not big enough. Therefore, it is best to transfer the photos to your computer, before choosing the ones that you intend to erase.

  1. How to have perfect candid shots

Candid shots that are absorb the perfect moment helps you achieve what you intend to portray. It is rather challenging though, however one way to do it flawlessly would be to anticipate the next movement or action of your subject. For instance, if you intend to portray the faces of the members of a soccer team after winning the game, take pictures of them just when the competition is about to finish.

  1. Shoot group portraits

To highlight the best in a group portrait, try not to have their heads in a straight line. Simply put, try to vary the heights of their heads so that the picture becomes much more natural and fascinating. For instance, if you are taking a family photo outside, position them near a group of large boulders, so that they sit on different levels.

  1. Spacing in group portraits

When the ideal spacing is observed, a group portrait looks much more attractive. Although people wish to have more space in between them when they pose for a group picture, it is still better to put them closer together. Try to describe this to them, so that they are able to comprehend.

  1. Know your subject better

When someone employs you to take pictures for his or her event, it is wise to get to know them better. By knowing your client, you understand what sort of pictures they would and would not like. When you are able to learn more about your subject, you have much more opportunities of taking pictures that reflects your client’s individuality.

  1. Shoot subjects with long noses

When your subject has a long nose, it becomes a distraction once the photo is taken. To ensure this is not the case, what you can do is to shoot the subject head on. Apart from that, it would also be wise to have his chin slightly up. Doing this, the person viewing the photo would not even notice the long nose.

  1. Know your camera well

It is always best that you know how to set your camera appropriately, in accordance to its surroundings. However, this may not suffice, since you may be asked by your client to take pictures in different places in the venue, which requires different effects. Hence, besides knowing the settings of your gear, you should also have the ability to switch them swiftly.

  1. Check out the postures before taking the shot

Before taking pictures of your model, try to use your creative imagination when it pertains to the postures you desire him or her to do. Apart from that, you need to think of ways of how your model can do it. Once you have thought of the postures, let your model execute them the way you desire it to be done, and experiment with some new things.

  1. How to minimize reflections from glasses

When you shoot subjects wearing glasses, there is a possibility of glare on the glasses. Having reflection on the glasses is not a good sight to see. To get around it though, all you need to do is to invest on a good polarizer. When you put on the polarizer, it considerably solves your problem.

  1. Don’t be too dependent on your DSLR

It is true that having a DSLR provides you much better picture quality than your point and shoot gear. However, it is not a good reason to miss out on a great moment that is worth capturing, just because you were unable to bring it with you. If you assume that a moment you should capture is about to unfold, you should click away with whatever you have.

  1. Don’t forget to come up with a checklist

When you are about to leave your place to execute a shoot, it is always better to have a checklist of what you need to bring. Besides the important things to bring, the checklist should also indicate specific processes you need to do prior to leaving. Some of which include charging the batteries, checking your camera, transferring the pictures to your COMPUTER to empty your memory card, and so on.

  1. Shoot with other photographers

It is always best to shoot with other photographers, especially with those that are more experienced and skilled than you are. This way, you get to learn lots of things from them, such as their techniques, their equipment, their style, and much more. Apart from that, you also make new friends. Doing this offers you an opportunity to learn new things.

  1. Think first and slow down

There are times when it is much better to slow down taking pictures and think. This provides you a way to listen to yourself. Doing that, you can think of brighter ideas, better postures, much better angles, and much more. Hence, before you press on your shutter, try to think of the image you are capturing.

  1. How not to forget your client’s name

You can be rather uncomfortable when you are talking with a client, while taking his pictures, and you forgot his name. One of the ways to avoid that is to write down his name on a sticky note, and let it stick at the back of your camera. Ensure to make the note small enough for him not to notice it.

  1. Take a picture of a person with deep-set eyes

When you take portraits, you may eventually come across a client with deep-set eyes. When you take his picture, you would realize that it causes deep shadows to appear on his eyes. To get around that, all you actually need to do is to lower your source of light a little. Doing that, you ensure that the light reaches the space under his eyebrow.

  1. Hide wrinkles

If your client has wrinkles and you wish to impress him by developing pictures that do not show them, what you can do is to use a larger source of light. This makes the pictures soft, especially if you bring the light closer. Apart from that, you can also use more frontal light, instead of side light.

  1. Choose a model

Choose a model carefully, especially if you are trying to come up with pictures for a commercial. Most of the times, people prefer women who look hot. However, you should also make sure that you choose someone who is approachable and pleasant. Doing this, you can ensure that you are able to work with her conveniently.

  1. Take pictures

If you consider yourself as a beginner in this field, you should not hesitate in taking more and more pictures. Now a days a memory card provides you with lots of space for your pictures. Hence, you should shoot as many times as possible, for the more times you do it, the better it would be for you when it pertains to learning.

  1. Highlight your subject

When you take a picture, you should highlight your subject as much as possible. While checking the frame, your subject should not appear small in it. Use your camera’s zoom, or move closer to the subject, so that you fill the frame with her. Doing that, you should also try to come up with ways to emphasize her desirable features.

  1. Preview your shots

To ensure that you have the appropriate exposure in taking the shots, you should learn how to preview them properly. When you are taking pictures under the bright sun, it becomes tricky because of the light. Hence, you should find shade, so that you are able to see it clearly.

  1. Don’t focus too much on the mega pixels

When you listen to people trying to shop for digital cameras, you often hear them inquiring about the mega pixels of the products, and even opt for those with larger ones. You should not focus too much on this, since larger mega pixels means it provides you a way to print pictures larger without affecting their quality. Unless you are selling poster-sized prints, you won’t need to get the camera with the larger mega pixels.

  1. Spare battery

It is always best to carry a number of extra batteries in your bag when you are shooting pictures. This is because, you never know when a great moment might happen; and, running out on battery makes you miss it. Charge all your additional batteries and bring them, so that you won’t have to miss out on great shots.

  1. Learn more techniques from others

Learning is something that you need to do when it pertains to photography, even if you have been with it for a number of years. Therefore, it is always best to be open about new techniques, new approaches, and such. Keep in mind that even the very best photographers learn from each other; therefore, it is also best for you if you do so.

  1. Take a photography-training course

As a novice in photography, you need to find ways to learn more about it. One of which is taking a photography course. By undergoing a training course, you are able to gather more information about the subject. Apart from that, you may even be taught about certain techniques that other beginners did not have the benefit to learn about.

  1. Try shooting black and white

You should always do something different from time to time, so that you can develop shots that are even more fascinating. Try to shoot pictures in black and white. One of the important things that you can observe with black and white shots is that, they are usually very intriguing, even if you thought they would be boring and dull.

  1. Try capturing the subject off center

When you take pictures, you probably place your subject at the center of the frame. However, if you have a look at professionally taken photos, most of them are actually made more fascinating, because their subjects are captured away from the center of the frame. Hence, try to picture your subject off center, and see the big difference.

  1. Carry your camera with you

If you don’t wish to miss out on great photo opportunities, make sure to carry your camera with you at all times. This means to bring it with you while strolling at the park, riding the bus, walking around the neighborhood, and such. If you do this, you would be amazed of the variety of photos you have taken that are truly awesome.

  1. Find your theme

There are times when you need to be motivated, in order to have that drive to take beautiful pictures. However, you can also enhance your motivation by coming up with a theme that you like. Some of the themes that are quite popular today include playing kids, different weather conditions, playing dogs, and many more.

  1. Consider what’s behind your subject

In taking pictures of a subject, you should consider what is behind him. Your backdrop needs to be something that would not distract the viewer of the photograph. Apart from that, it should also be part of the whole picture or image, which helps narrate about the place or subject.

  1. Shoot the subjects at their own environment

There are times when your subject becomes uncomfortable in being at your studio; and, this shows in the pictures. Hence, it is best that you shoot the subjects at their own place. For instance, rather than letting your clients bring their child with them to your studio, visit them at their place. Let the child be at his playpen, and you would definitely capture lots of fascinating images of him.

  1. Consider the height of your subject

When you shoot pictures of subjects that are shorter than you are, you should not take pictures of them at your usual standing point. You need to get down on the ground, and capture moments at the same level as they are. This applies in taking pictures of children. Apart from that, you should also take note of this, when taking pictures of small animals like dogs.

  1. Use window light

If you don’t have a studio at your own place yet, and you intend to use natural light in taking pictures of your subject, don’t forget that your window can help you with it. When light from outside passes through a glass window, it actually gets diffused. Therefore, you can simply have your subject position himself right beside it, so as to take advantage of the light.

  1. Try taking a picture of something smaller

When you intend to diversify, try to take pictures of something smaller. This includes the hands of a child, the feet of your spouse, and such. Remember that there are lots of small things in this world that are beautiful, which are worth capturing. Just keep an open eye for them.

  1. Waving

When you are trying to take family pictures, one of the important things that can happen, which ruins a good one would be lots of waving. This holds true, especially when there are lots of members in the family. Hence, it is best to let them settle down. Apart from that, you can also gently inform them to stop the waving just for a couple of moments, because their hands may cover other members’ faces.

  1. Consider how your photo is going to be used for

To make your client much more satisfied with your photograph, you should consider what the photos are going to be used for. This is because it helps you determine better on what sort of style to use. For instance, if you’re taking a picture of a couple to announce their wedding, it is best to do it horizontally, since it provides more space on the side for their names or for their message.

  1. Don’t face the sun

Letting your subject face the sun for a midday post is actually not a good idea, because it can produce shadows on her face. For a afternoon shoot, it is best to let her face away from the sun, in which her face would be in the shade. To make sure that her face is exposed properly, over expose the picture to achieve that effect.

  1. Use a prop

Considering the comfort of your model takes you a long way as far as taking quality pictures is concerned. Therefore, if you see that your model is getting uncomfortable, what you can do is to give her a prop, such as a toy, a flower, or any type of small object she can hold on to. Doing that makes her feel comfortable. Apart from that, the prop also adds more spice in the picture, although you don’t have to include it in the frame.

  1. Make it much more fascinating

Fascinating pictures surely grab people’s attention. One of the important things that you can do to achieve that is to be more imaginative on how you position your subject. Instances include having a woman looking through a window, positioning a child inside the crib, and so on.

  1. Try different lighting

Trying both high key and low-key lightings is a good idea. This is because there are some persons who actually look much better in the pictures when they are overexposed, while others are complete opposites. Hence, it is best to explore further, when it pertains to lighting, to ensure that you achieve the kind of feel you want for your photos.

  1. Research about your camera before purchasing

Before you purchase a digital camera for your newfound hobby, you need to do your research about it first. Researching can be done through the internet, in which all you need to do is to visit the website of the manufacturers, to gather more details. Apart from that, you can also check out reviews, to learn about the experiences of people in using the camera concerned.

  1. Ask a professional photographer for feedback

If you are a beginner, and have a friend who knows a professional photographer, try to meet him. If you can, take advantage of the moment, and ask him for feedback on your photos. Doing that, you are able to make improvements on your skills, by listening to his advice. Apart from that, he might even become your mentor.

underwater photography equipment
underwater photography equipment
  1. Learn from others online

Learning more about photography can actually be done online nowadays. There are lots of internet portals for it. Apart from that, there are also online forums, which are usually visited by both beginners and professionals in the field. With that, it provides you an opportunity to ask them questions regarding different things pertaining to photography.


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