Theme Wedding and Bridal Accessories

Have a dream wedding and transform your special day into the perfect day. Make it a day that everyone remembers and talks about for years to come. Theme weddings and bridal accessories could be different for every type of theme, however if you look at the various accessories available, you can pick the best for your wedding and one that doesn’t cost all that more than a traditional wedding. If you want a fairy tale theme wedding, it costs more than some people intend to spend. They are not low-cost by any means; they sometimes call for the help of a designer in order to have the true theme acknowledged.

Depending on your theme for wedding, determines the bridal accessories you need. If you have a daisy theme for your wedding, you have some sort of a garden set up with lots of daisies. Your outfit accessories include a white or pale yellow gown with or without a veil. Decorating the place of the ceremony and the reception hall with bouquets of daisies with daisies and baby’s breath. You even have bridesmaid’s dresses with daisies on them. A daisy theme is something to consider for your wedding theme if you like flowers all over.

There are bridal accessories for Asian theme weddings, Irish theme weddings, seasonal themes, fairy tale themes and country wedding themes. When you are looking for bridal accessories for these theme wedding you have lots of things to look through. You can do an online search of theme wedding and see various websites that have all the accessories you need while planning a unique theme wedding. You will find the wedding favors, cake toppers and cake accessories as well as all the suggestions and tips to planning a theme wedding.

The themes of wedding today also find brides looking for unique wedding invitations. You can produce your very own invites with software or online at some websites that have readily available templates to use and design your own cards. This is sometimes a lot more satisfying for brides than having someone else develop their cards. The thank you cards are another part of the bridal accessories and you can create your very own. A great way to say thanks is to send a homemade thank you card with a picture of you and the bridegroom on your wedding day or a picture from your honeymoon.

Theme wedding and bridal accessories are a part of society and some people are even planning unusual wedding ceremonies like underwater weddings. You could even consider a casual wedding with no bridal accessories. Some people choose to forgo all traditions and marry in front of a justice of the peace. Some couples even go to Las Vegas to get married rather than planning a big wedding event and then have a casual reception when they come back married. The choice is always up to the bride and the groom, however the bride usually plans everything.

Bridal Accessories for a Tropical Wedding celebration

You are planning a tropical wedding and you need some ideas about the bridal accessories you will require. Bridal accessories for a tropical wedding consists of tropical table decorations, leys to give to your guests, candles or tiki lamps, flowers and wedding favors. You want the day to be special and with a tropical wedding theme, your wedding event will be one that everyone appreciates and remembers forever.

Whether you have it on a beach or in a hall, you can decorate the place in order to create a tropical theme that produces the atmosphere of the tropics.

For the bridal gown, you accessorize it with some bridal accessories for a tropical wedding. A lei to compliment your bridal gown or some jewelry such as seashell earrings or a bracelet. When you have a tropical wedding, you can choose from various kinds of accessories to match the tropical theme of your wedding event. From leis to seashells to various styled gowns and wedding favors. Your bridal accessories for a tropical wedding includes flowers if you wish, which could be orchids, or a flower customary to the tropics. Everything you require for your tropical wedding can be found online or at a party store, that brings themed accessories.

Bridal accessories for a tropical wedding also include table decorations and wedding favors. You can find seashell wedding favors that includes a seashell candle, mint tins with pictures of seashells or a seashell keychain accessory. These are some of the ideas for that unique wedding celebration that will thrill the guests. Adding a Hawaiian touch to your wedding and reception, you can use tiki lamps to line the beach area. Couples have also been known to rent silk palm trees to line the walkway leading to the altar, where the vows are exchanged.

The bridal accessories also include a headpiece of flowers to highlight the beauty of your gown and bouquet. A tiny veil attached to the headpiece or veil by itself. These headpieces make the statement of a tropical wedding event. The traditional headpieces to match the bridesmaids dresses and flowers as well. A garter is a must for traditional tropical weddings. You can find garters with a tropical looks or a garter of traditional looks. It can be either a tropical or a traditional garter, as it is not seen until after the reception.

Bridal accessories for a tropical wedding may also include your cake knife for cutting the cake, guest book with a seashell cover or a tropical scene and of course the cake topper. You have so many things to choose when you plan a tropical wedding and there are so many things to choose from when you start preparing. From your dress to your wedding invitations, to your shoes, to the thank you cards, you can plan the perfect tropical wedding and have everything just perfect on that special day.

classic love theme wedding venue decoration ideas
classic love theme wedding venue decoration ideas

Bridal Accessories for the Country Themed Wedding Celebration

Bridal accessories for the country themed wedding can be found in country shops or online at some websites that specialize in wedding themes. Your accessories are going to be different from any other theme wedding due to the fact that you can have a western theme or a modern day country wedding event. The western theme wedding events are so much fun. It is always delightful to see what everyone wears as well as how they look overall.

The bride and the groom are the leaders. Most of the guests come as Indians and some come as cowboys and cowgirls. The theme for a western wedding is amazing.

Imagine a bride-to-be sending out invites with wanted pictures of her and the groom. Your guests will be fascinated and certainly turn up for your wedding celebration. How they will look is nobody’s guess.

If you find a hall with an outdoor area, you can have a down southern barbeque and some down home western dancing. This one extremely well thought out wedding event. The bridal accessories include decorations, cowboy hats, cowgirl dresses or pants, skirts and a lace robe tied around the cowboy hat.

After the ceremony right at the hall, some brides and grooms, offer carriage rides after the ceremony during the reception. Some even say their marriage vows on the horseback. The bridal accessories for this kind of wedding are pretty much open. You could even have a square dance type function for all your guests. Family and friends will indulge in the various other bridal accessories you offer as well.

The wedding favors could be miniature horseshoes with your names and wedding date engraved on them or miniature cowboy hats with a name card attached. Think of the joy of your guests. They will say they have never been to a more eventful wedding event and your wedding is one they will remember forever.

If you have a more modern-day country wedding, you could have a ceremony and a reception you  find in Nashville. With strictly cowboys and cowgirls, your guests, with no Indians attire. Everything else continue to be the same but instead of square dancing, you have modern day country dance or line dance as it is called today. The bridal accessories include a unity candle with a little gold rope holding miniature cowboy hat and a ring bearer pillow with fringes and a cowboy hat holding the rings. The cake topper include a cowgirl and a cowboy or two western hats joined together.

Whatever it is a western wedding or a modern-day country wedding, you can find all your bridal accessories online. You can wear anything you want as long as it stays within the country style. You may even have a casual country wedding, wear the hats and the boots , the only accessories everyone including the bride and the groom will be needing.

Plan your day and have a good country music band or DJ to ensure everyone has a good time dancing the country night way

Underwater Wedding Celebration Bridal Accessories

Theme wedding celebrations are wonderful, however underwater weddings are something unique and uncommon. Sooner than later, you may even be able to enjoy the honeymoon under water. Various locations of the world are in the process of building underwater honeymoon suites for newlyweds. This along with the underwater wedding will make the entire wedding celebration a true delight. Therefore, if you are looking for a different kind of wedding and honeymoon, keep an eye on the underwater hotels being built in the coming years.

If you are planning an underwater wedding event you probably need a few bridal accessories to compliment the ceremony. Now, the reception for family and friends who travel with you to the destination. Some accessories that you need, if you are having an underwater wedding, will not be the traditional wedding accessories. However equipment to dive underwater, you need scuba diving gear, a boat, the rings and a special mask for repeating your vows. Now you do not need to buy this equipment, you have to rent it from the chapel so to speak.

Before you gather your bridal accessories together for the ceremony, you need to take a couple classes to learn to scuba dive. This is important and part of the agreement with the company that  arranges to marry you underwater. After they feel the party is ready for the big dive, you can plan the wedding. You need to check the weather condition and invite your family and friends to the boat. You can put a few decorations on the boat, since the guests and the witnesses do not have to venture into the water if they choose not to. They can stay in the boat.

The boats are equipped with a video view of the ceremony underwater and speakers. Therefore, you  need some bridal accessories for the boat so the guests feel the excitement that you feel. You can also have a few bridal accessories on the boat such as a unity candle to light as you show up from underwater. You will not sign the marriage certificate till you reach land. Then you will officially be married.

Now the reception starts. Since you will probably be in Australia when you get married underwater, you can plan a nice Australian reception.

creative wedding themes bride welcome ceremony
creative wedding themes bride welcome ceremony

The bridal accessories for the reception include fancy little kangaroo table decorations, these are rather good for little mementos of your wedding. Reception with a wedding cake is a tradition, but, Since flying with the cake accessories will probably not be allowed, you need to buy or rent some or you could forgo this tradition all together. Given that you were married underwater, a beach party for your guests is a good idea. when you have a destination wedding, underwater, anything is possible. For the reception, you could include some clothes on your bridal accessories list, however it will probably be a swimsuit and some sandals.


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