The Aura of Organizing

how to organize an office filing system
how to organize an office filing system

The Aura of Organizing

The aura of a room or office emits organizing. If you feel good in a space, you intend to make it the very best possible. In designing and organizing your rooms and offices, here are a couple of aspects that you can work on to get organized.

Red, orange and various other relevant hues produce an illusion of warmth and small space, which people usually do not like. Therefore, for a cooler and more spacious appearance, it is preferable to pick among the hues of blue to green.

While it is generally beneficial to have a spacious room, having such amenity may become a burden since it jeopardizes interaction amongst residents of the house or members of the office. Most significantly, it may command substantial amounts to purchase and maintenance. Meanwhile, small spaces can be organized to produce illusions of space. Additionally, well-placed cabinets and shelves can serve various purposes such as space dividers, as decorations, and as file organizers.

A creative adjustment of lighting and home decorations is the most essential element in providing a good ambience. Yellow lighting usually contributes to the coziness of a place, along with a lot of sofas, floor cushions, candles, native accessories, smoked glass windows, and light wooden furniture. On the other hand, white fluorescent bulbs and a lot of plastic and metals (steel) chairs, artificial decors, glass windows and Formica tabletops produce a busy-looking office. Meanwhile, pastel colors and cartooned wallpapers provide for an innocent, child-like appearance perfect for relaxing and unwinding.

Especially for an office, the other elements may have to be compromised for utility while organizing space. Excessive decorations are usually not advisable since they interfere with the workflow. Furniture must be limited to filing cabinets, tables, and chairs. Less is definitely more when it pertains to organization and efficiency at the office.

Think of the Benefits

Have you ever asked yourself how you can benefit from being organized? Below are some little-known benefits:

* You’ll be able to relax and unwind more. By getting organized, your stress and anxiety levels decrease, and you’ll be able to live a much less chaotic, more relaxed life.

* You’ll have more time for yourself. By being more efficient, like getting your jobs done quicker, being able to entrust, wasting much less time looking for things and being able to make faster decisions, you’ll spend much less time ‘working’ and have more time for yourself and the things you like to do.

* You’ll have even more time for your loved ones. An organized individual is always able to fit in time for friends and family.

* You’ll feel great about your surrounding environments. Being disorganized often leads to embarrassment. You may feel anxious when visitors drop by your home or office and see clutter or stuff out of place. Get organized, and you’ll forever feel excellent about your surrounding environments, good enough to welcome people in without worries.

* You’ll be healthier. Get organized and you’ll have sufficient time to exercise and cook healthy meals for yourself and your family.

* You’ll do better professionally. An organized individual provides far better business impression than a person who can’t find a contact number, has an office stacked with cardboard boxes or is always late for appointments.

* You’ll save more. Money, that is. If you’re organized, you’ll always know what you have, before you buy more.

* You’ll accomplish much more. When you’re disorganized, there are always obstacles that hold you back from achieving your goals. However organized individuals find means to reduce tasks that aren’t required and to streamline those that are taking excessive time. This leaves ample time to work on accomplishing all of those objectives on your list.

A Double-sided Coin

I have two questions for you. How do you feel about yourself? How well organized are you?

Notice that if you feel relatively well organized you probably feel rather good about yourself, i.e. your self-esteem is probably high.

In fact, if you are reading personal development books, listening to audio programs or attending seminars on personal development and self-esteem, chances are you’re caught in a circle.

You do some personal development, and you feel much better, and you move on with life, however the disorganization of your life catches up with you therefore you go back to doing a bunch of personal development.

Essentially two sides of the same coin are self-esteem and personal organization. The coin that opens the gateway to all success. You can focus on either of those sides individually, however in the end organization depends on self-esteem, and vice versa, self-esteem depends on getting organized in your professional development and personal life.

By emotionally getting involved with taking additional control of your personal areas at work and home you start feeling proud of your surrounding environments, and even more competent at getting organized.

Focusing intellectually on how to get organized, and emotionally super-charging that effort for all the positive emotions that originate from being organized, boosts your self-esteem. Moreover, that provides even more fuel to get organized much more.

Self-esteem and Getting Organized produces a self-supporting positive feedback mechanism. The more you improve on one of them, the more the various others improve.

Your two pronged attack is to deal with both, be mindful of both, understand how they both inter-relate, and eventually integrate as two sides of the same coin. The coin that manages your every desire, and inevitably brings you all that you deserve.

To start getting organized today you can do following things. A few basic things and you will immediately feel much more in control of your environment

Start Today

Everything in your home or office should have a place — a regular and suitable place where that article is usually kept. Some things that you use every day, can be on display and/or readily accessible for everyday use. Various other things like holiday decorations or out of season garments can be stored in an isolated area in anticipation of being required. When an object strays from its ‘place,’ it can easily be lost, therefore causing stress and frustration. Clutter build-up as you expect occurs when things are not kept and/or returned to their place.

why is being organized important at work
why is being organized important at work

Do not bring your mail over to your writing desk or table where it is bound to accumulate and take hours to go through later on. Open it right over the recycling bin, and get rid of all unnecessary mail and inserts without more ado.

Stop wasting morning time frenetically running around like a crazy person trying to get things finished in order to get to work on time. You can prepare the night before. Set the breakfast table. Lay out you and your children’ clothes. Have the coffeepot launch automatically using the timer.

Things that are obsolete, washed out, out of order or otherwise unusable can be discarded. If you do not want it, and you do not know anyone else who wants it, chuck it out. You will be freeing your space and your mind!

Initial Steps to Getting Organized

Getting organized doesn’t have to be a chore. Below are a few simple steps you can initiate right now that starts you on your way.

* Begin with clutter and messes that you see every day. Organize your kitchen, garage, and living room before your hallway closet. Once you see it looks nice, you will want to work on the hidden areas.

* Use drawer dividers for socks, undergarments, lingerie, and small things, to keep them separated and arranged. This works well for both silverware and office supplies as well.

* Designate everything in your house a place of its own. This way your family will know precisely where to find it and where to put it away.

* Establish one defined place in your house for keeping library books, and finish a house-wide hunt when it is time to read or return them.

* Hang hooks for your keys and purse at the entrance to your home, so each time you walk in, you can hang them up.

* Set aside one basket for you and your companion for incoming mail, bills, and receipts and letters. This way everyone will know where these important things are when needed. Keep all important documents such as birth certificates, social security cards and medical insurance policy information in one folder.

* Get rid of things you do not use any more. Expired coupons, old prescriptions, magazines you may get around to reading someday. All these take away space you could use for things you do need and use.

This will free your mind to remember more important things like appointments and birthdays when you are organized. Start by thoroughly cleaning once a month and you will find it much easier to keep up, week-by-week. An organized house does indeed help un-clutter your mind.

Do you often study articles about organizing and they have similar words for helping you get organized; only they are just rearranged? Make an effort to follow some simple ways to accomplish the task and reduce the stress. It will be worth the effort.

* Take a look at the ubiquitous picture of your home or hire a professional organizer. Go through every room and make your mind up what it is that you intend to do with that space and write it down.

* See if there are any hidden storage areas in your room. Determine if you intend to add another shelf in the closet, use the storage space on the inside of a door, perhaps use under the bed storage.

* Choose organizing things you like and that make you feel good. Do you intend to use Rubbermaid or are the items in a hidden area where a cardboard box will do. Using things that you like will give you a much better feeling of a job-well-done.

* Consider daily tasks and routines in your home. Place things where they are going to do you the most good. Something used on a daily basis should not be on a high shelf. The vacuum cleaner should be kept in or near the room, you use the most.

* Know why you want to get organized. Are you doing this for yourself and to make your life easier and time saving, or are you doing it because someone told you to or your neighbor is doing it? To ensure a job 100% to your liking you need to do the job right or not at all. By not having your heart into it, you get stressed, frustrated, waste money and not have a useable time saving solution to your problem.

Finding Time to Organize

Finding time to organize is usually a complaint used by people. In today’s society, activity is practically non-stop and it is challenging to see where you can add yet another task to your schedule. However, there are ways, hidden pockets of time, to accomplish things.


Rather than thinking of the enormous task at the forefront, split that mission up into manageable tasks. For instance, if you intend to organize the boxes in your attic, you may consider going through one box per day, until it’s all complete.


Tell a close friend, family member or co-worker, what you plan to organize, and by what date. Then, merely request that person to bug you occasionally to see if you’ve completed it so far. A little outside inspiration is often an enormous help.


Make something you love eat, depending on the achievement of today’s chore. If you promise yourself that unless you work for 15 minutes on organizing your paper piles, you will not watch your favorite television program tonight, you’re sure to get that little task completed. No cheating permitted.

how to organize your everyday stuff in a day
how to organize your everyday stuff in a day


Whatever you do, don’t put your utility bills in one folder, your car insurance bill in another folder and your membership dues bill in another. All impending bills must be together in an envelope, pocket folder or basket so they can be paid without having to search several different places to find them.


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