Creating wealth through self-discipline

One of the most challenging points to resolve in life is the mystery that “suffering” exists in this world. Suffering is eminent.

Of course, what is equally important is realizing that the acquisition and possession of wealth is not a ruler that determines one’s happiness. If happiness truly was to be found in materials, then all those who experience the ‘thrill’ of it by coming into contact with the object would observe the same measure of happiness.

In life, men are continuously motivated by two inevitable impulses of repulsion, from sorrow and desire to seeking happiness and absolute fulfillment. In the quest to embrace all happiness, he is compelled to run after the satisfying and agreeable, while confronting the opposites, he avoids undesirable objects and unpleasant environments.

The truth is this: throughout history, all achievers conscious or subconsciously have used five principles, which are common to absolute progress in all aspects of life.

5 Principles to Unlocking Wealth

A key to unlocking amazing cache of wealth, abundance and success, are these principles. They are all centered on our true inherent qualities, which as a matter of fact are universal and have a spiritual basis. These principles are:

  1. Truth
  2. Morality
  3. Peace and Tranquility
  4. Love
  5. Non-violence

The practice of these virtues can enable any person to progress in life without any doubt.

The reason is simple

These universal principles are all appealing and obviously, they form the foundations of the code of ethics. You cannot go wrong practicing the significance to moral values, codes of conduct and complying with the Law of Nature in your pursuit of Wealth.

You will discover that the goal of reaching financial freedom while at the same time, acquiring the perfect art of happiness through the understanding that the measure of happiness is not ‘directly’ proportional to just monetary wealth.

It Can Never Happen?

While pessimism warns us of risks lurking before our own eyes, optimism may propel us into false security. Pessimism needs to be considered initial and not a final situation in any circumstance; this is the first step to success.

Time and again, we have been subjected to circumstances that are disturbing and deep within us we ‘understand’ the potential dangers and risks surrounding us and the ‘voice’ within adamantly denies this threatening situation challenging us, therefore we fail to acknowledge this ‘voice’ within our psychological clinging to the external world detaches us from the inner voice of ‘TRUTH’ thus throwing us completely of the tracks as it were.

The second step to success and wealth is to encourage yourself of the significance of self-control, self-recognition and self-discipline.

We need to pay attention to the voice within and understand the presence of the natural force or the Dynamic Self-control, the magnificent power expressing through the mind, body and the intelligence! Hence the second step certifies that you establish belief in not just what you can do and attain but most importantly establishing confidence in yourself (your inherent, fundamental and hidden qualities).

Step three calls for that through continuous alertness, utilizing the power of intelligence, self-evaluation and introspection and through cautious understanding and use of these principles, you can discover to live past the demands of the mind in whatever setting you find yourself, this will certify you to execute and embrace the road to wealth.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. If you hate to put in any work/ effort yet love to attain success, you need to reconsider your views.

So to attain the latter, you need to do the former and the practical suggestion is to figure out what actually gives us pleasure and then find out if it is feasible to make money from doing it.

“If you do not begin you will not be successful.”

Pursuing Wealth

The statement ‘haste makes waste’ stands true even today, and usually, some of us have a tendency to feel distressed when we cannot meet our ideals and the criteria we set for ourselves all the time.

On other occasions, we may feel that had we taken the challenge that came our way than probably things may well have actually transformed for the better, yet there is also the possibility that in our over anxiousness to get to the goal we try too hard and burn ourselves out completely!

Has This Happened to You?

The question that remains to be asked how do we begin, how can we accomplish success in life?

There are many approaches that a person can use and different means whereby you can cultivate yourself to attaining the goal. One usual string in all of them is self-belief, self-righteousness, honesty, sincerity and ethical living (in words, deeds, thoughts and actions) concerning your way of living, this is Step four.

In any kind of business the emphasis on moral and ethical standards ranks the highest and this must not be ignored or overlooked.

The only means to attain equanimity, balance or equilibrium even after you become the wealthiest individual is to have your sense of understanding the true essence of life.

Nothing in life is constant. Life is ever changing and things that seem to have presence today may cease to exist tomorrow and this is a reality that you and everyone else must learn to accept.

Step five, when you discover something profound and attractive, the natural tendency is to share it with others.

“Wealth is more than just money”

take on more responsibility to grow personally and professionally
take on more responsibility to grow personally and professionally

The Ladder to Success

It is the advantage of man to attain all round success, and actually success must be one’s habit. Man is essentially perfect, and therefore infinite are the opportunities that lie dormant in him.

In order to bring out the very best from within, a life organized and completely disciplined for the exploration of the potentialities that exist hiding within us, is a life well spent.

The essential factor is not the number of abilities each one of us has, but the significance needs to be focused on how much of our existing abilities, and characteristics are we prepared to develop, exploit, explore and implement in our day-to-days life.

The question you must ask, is whether you are making a sensible use of at least one great talent existing inherent within you? The one supreme fundamental principal is to recognize that all our success entirely relies on ourselves.

The best means to be happy and satisfied is to do things that you naturally enjoy and appreciate doing is something that you are absolutely passionate about! Similarly the best way to succeed and prosper is to ensure that you attain things you have seriously desired to seek in life. This calls for you to execute your efforts in to activities that enable you to determine success.

For instance the simple way to describe this is to consider the following example: if you have a preference for art, painting and drawing then the way to proceed is to seek support on means to enter competitions, and ways to submit your artwork through galleries (approach galleries directly and leave work on a sale or return basis) or fine art publishers’ or perhaps revealing your skill by going to seasonal fairs where you find a large gathering of all sort of merchants.

You may include various different sorts of themes to your art portfolio in order to optimize your abilities to get to an audience far and wide with interests in different themes/ subjects.

Get in touch with groups, forums and Internet newsgroups and explore various other avenues (such as photographers, photo framing galleries, arts councils and government organizations that offer assistance including loans, findings and finances etc.) that enables you to step up your work– the idea is to pursue the objective relentlessly and with a positive mindset.

As for your theme/ subject matter is concerned post message, article, blog post, inquiries, polls, surveys, and identify what people are searching for and demand and fulfill it.

Every little thing helps, however it is the force needed to get the momentum going and that is the bottom line.

Finally do not stop at that, keep faith and do not yield to any loss. Once you have determined to put the ‘plan’ into action, ensure that it is kept ignited and radiant, rejections and frustrations should in no way curtail your hope, progress and your desire to success. People who succeeded regardless of all the hardship, pain and struggle have influenced countless people worldwide. It is time you too set an example for others to follow in your footsteps.

You must remember that the approaches used by different individuals in acquiring wealth may stand out, yet the objective is common to all.

Formula to Success

What you believe and how you act is the determining factor that will help you find the goal of success. These two characteristics are essential along with a set of consistent principles, which you follow. Thoughts and Ideas based on reason are a powerful stimulant to start any reaction and once you set off, you will soon understand that courage is the basic virtue a human being needs to traverse the rocky road.

Challenges are natural and they are a means to the source of obtaining wealth. Determination, patience and willpower need to be exercised religiously to get to the objective and to conquer the challenges.

Do not hesitate, do not pretend that you understand it all and ultimately do not prolong your ‘venture’. Be prepared to eliminate the stumbling blocks that may challenge you, however pursue your goal and enable your potential willpower to predominate.

In any circumstance in life, it is certainly essential to stay level headed, regardless of all the ‘ups and the downs’ that we are likely to encounter. Remember that life is dualistic by nature. To put it simply, the visible and the reverse are sides of the same coin. Though we know that the past is the cause and today is the result, it is self-evident that with time today itself becomes the cause with reference to the future.

There is an extremely deep significance embroiled in this syntax and if you can associate this to success, it can be said that if we wisely live in the self-discipline, we can become the engineers of our very own future.

Finally do not take life too seriously. Life is a journey made possible for us all and if we are willing to give ourselves the opportunity to grow, life can be so wonderful an experience. It is most enjoyable, particularly when one follows its governing principles religiously.

Be happy in all times, when difficulties emerge, laugh at them and use the dynamic self-control within you to eliminate them. The body and specifically the mind is genuinely an incredible tool we have.

how to be happy all the time no matter what
how to be happy all the time no matter what

State of complete harmony and peace is possible and there is mounting evidence to establish the success attained by common people throughout history; it is time that you use the powers of your mind to attain your desires.


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