Party Themes for a Surprise Party

Planning a surprise party can be really fun and enjoyable for all the people who are involved. If you and your accomplices can maintain the charade till the party takes place, you can have one extremely surprised and happy guest of honor.

Although the secret of your surprise party lies with all the people who will attend, there are some basic things which you can do, as the party planner and host, to ensure the best result possible. Below are some suggestions to get you started to planning a surprise party which your friends and loved ones will be talking about for years to come:

Suggestion # 1— Find out from your guest of honor, or perhaps better from their loved one, what their schedule is like within the duration you are considering for the surprise party. This valuable information can be used to set the date for your surprise party.

Suggestion # 2— Get the help of someone who can devise a fictitious activity for the guest of honor to take part in on the day of the party. The closer to your home this activity is, the easier it is for your helper to “drop in at your home for a moment” on the day of the party.

Suggestion # 3— Extend your invitations to all of your invited guests. While making your invitations make sure that each of your guests understand that the party is a surprise and should be kept that way. Ask them to please not share the information with your guest of honor or anyone else who could mention it to the guest of honor.

Suggestion # 4— Develop a planned event which everyone who may run into your guest of honor can use as a diversion if they need to. Nevertheless, if your guests don’t think they can “lie” to the guest of honor with a straight face, suggest that they avoid them for the time leading up to the party, whenever possible and practical.

Suggestion # 5— Ask all of your invited guests to reach at least half an hour before you anticipate your guest of honor to arrive. If your guest of honor usually arrives early to events, you ask your invited guests to come a bit earlier, just in case.

Suggestion # 6— Ask your guests to park down the street and out of sight. The only caution is if the guest of honor believes they are attending another event at your home on that day. If this is the case then it won’t really matter much where people choose to park.

Suggestion # 7— Once you have done all of the other things suggested, the only thing you can actually do is pray, hope and hold your breath that no one will slip-up and tell your guest of honor regarding your planned surprise party.

Planning surprise parties is a lot of fun

If you make the effort to integrate in some diversions into your plan, you are able to help those who could be asked questions by the guest of honor. This will ensure that they are not caught off-guard and without a good, solid and quick answer to give to any questions that they may be asked. You can have a wonderful surprise party doing this.

A Murder Mystery Dinner Party

Want to plan an amazing and memorable party for adult guests, consider the idea of hosting a murder mystery dinner party.

Wondering what exactly a murder mystery party is about. If so, it is similar to a murder mystery dinner cinema, except that we as the guests are the actors instead of mere viewers trying to figure out who is the murderer. And, unlike professional dinner cinema, all of the guests had a lot easier time interacting their clues to each other.

When you are planning your murder mystery event, you have two choices as for what to do about the story line and characters. The first is that you can attempt to create your very own murder mystery. The second is buying a kit from your local party store. The party kit contains a murder mystery story, details of number of characters (depending on the number of people will be at your party), background details on the characters, costume suggestions for guests, a package of clues for each guest, and usually initiations to the party itself.

side arrangement cookies and pancakes for party
side arrangement cookies and pancakes for party

Furthermore, many kits come with a guide that you can follow to have a fun and a successful party; and some even come with gifts to give to the winners of the game. Some guides let the party host understand who the murderer is; other kits let that be a surprise.

When you are throwing a murder mystery dinner event it is crucial that all of your characters attend and be on time as well. Let your guests know this in advance and call for a simple RSVP for the evening early enough in the planning process that you can always find new characters to attend if you need to. The worst thing that could happen is that your murderer is absent from the party, and how awful would that be!

Once you understand for sure who will be attending your murder mystery dinner party, it is time to share with the other guests details to every guest on what their character is, their costume suggestions and their specific background story as part of the game. As the evening progresses your guests will be providing each other with information which has originated from your kit It is common for a murder mystery dinner party to begin with everyone introducing their character. Then, between courses, everyone again speaks about their character and provides hints that are needed to solve the murder mystery.

A murder mystery dinner party can be a great escape for you and your friends to play one evening while the kids are out of the house. The only real constraint on the evening is your own creative imagination and that of your friends and loved ones that you invite. This is absolutely an informal party and one which you invite everyone you know to attend, specifically the “odder” people in your life. To your party!

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Celebration

If you have a daughter who is turning sixteen soon, you know the significance of having a sweet sixteen party for her. Unlike what she might be seeing on MTV, sweet sixteen parties shouldn’t look like a wedding celebration; it needs to be a party just to celebrate her sixteenth birthday celebration and in some states her ability to obtain a driver’s license.

The sweet sixteen party which you and your daughter plan should start with choosing a theme for the party, if you have one. The theme you choose may determine where you hold the party. If your daughter wants a bowling party, for instance, the party needs to be held at the neighborhood bowling alley. Some girls with summer birthdays want their party on the beach or at a neighborhood swimming pool. Girls want their theme to be elegant and adult. For this last type of party, you may have it at a restaurant or at your home.

Once a theme and a location are selected, it is time for you to come up with a date for the party. Saturday or Saturday evening is generally the best times to hold a party because people will be off work and ready to do something fun for the day or evening. The time of day for your party will largely be determined by the theme of the party and its location.

Once you have a theme, location, and date for the party, it is time to start looking for just the right invitations to fit the event. You may write your own store-bought invitations, printing on your home computer, or having invitations printed. It depends mainly on the theme of your party and what you have available in your area and online. However, you may be pleasantly surprised at the low cost of quality professional printing nowadays and may opt to have the invitations printed.

Once you have your invitations addressed they need to be mailed about four weeks prior to the party. The objective is to give people the opportunity to attend, but not let them know so far in advance that they forget to come to the party. Usually, about four weeks is the standard as long as you are not having too extravagant of an event. If you are expecting more than a hundred people, send your invitations earlier, however never more than eight weeks prior to the party day.

Once your invitations are sent out, it is time to work on the menu and decoration needs for the party. If it’s an informal, family gathering, casual foods work well; however, if your event is more formal or there will be a lot of people present, you need to look at what foods will be appropriate.

For decorations, simple elegance works well to help keep costs down however things appearing to be elegant. Some flowers placed in strategic places can do wonders for a room!

Party Hats Masks and Accessories add to fun
Party Hats Masks and Accessories add to fun

Planning a party for a sweet sixteen birthday celebration doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful. The most important part is to plan a party everyone can enjoy and remember, particularly the guest of honor.


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