Plan your Party perfectly and Spice it up

dinner party themes and menus
dinner party themes and menus

Plan your Party perfectly and Spice it up

When you are planning a party at your home, it always feels like regardless of how much you clean or organize; there is always a lot more you could do. The secret to efficiently preparing your home to host a party is cleaning and de-cluttering some vital areas. You must understand that as long as those areas are clean and clutter-free, your guests will feel comfortable in your home.

However, even the most experienced hosts can be intimidated by trying to prepare their home for guests. So, here are some tips from professional cleaners and organizers on how you can best prepare your home to host your party.

Tip # 1– Take a look around your home in a quick sweep and determine what you need to do. Bring a pen and paper and make notes for each and every room of your house. You would want a wardrobe for your guests to hang their coats in and a place to keep lady’s handbags. While walking-through your home choose where these two areas will be and write them down.

Tip # 2– The first place you start cleaning and tidying up is the entrance of your home, work from there cleaning the living room, bathroom,  restroom, and kitchen. Additionally, if there are other areas in your home where your guests will be, perhaps a recreation room or similar, that area also needs a good cleaning and de-cluttering as well.

Tip # 3– While everyone has some clutter that they treasure; understand that the same clutter can give a spotless home the look of being messy and dirty. You want your guests to be able to move freely and easily in your home and not be knocking things off of tables or shelves. When you are cleaning for a party, be brutal and do away with as much clutter as you can bear, even if you just box it and put it in the garage for the evening.

Tip # 4– If you have a spouse or family, now is the time to get them to assist you in cleaning and de-cluttering your house. You can conveniently assign a room to each individual and make them in charge of cleaning and removing anything in the room which does not need to be there for the party.

Tip # 5– If you have kids with messy rooms, but are having an all-adult party, it is fine to  just shut your kids rooms door and not make a fuss about them cleaning their rooms for the party. This can considerably relieve your stress and pre-party anxiety. In essence, adhere to cleaning rooms which you definitely must clean since guests will be in them.

Tip # 6– If your party is casual, consider using casual serving dishes and casual eatery as well. You may even purchase some good quality paper plates for the event if it is a pot-luck or BARBEQUE event, instead of a sit-down meal.

Tip # 7– It is essential for you to understand that where there are people with food and drinks, there will be spills and stains. The most convenient way to handle these issues is to be totally prepared to manage them before they ever take place. Have a small box with cleaning material which you can use to clean up any messes which may take place during the party.

Tip # 8– Once your home is clean and clutter-free, it is time to go around your home and add some tiny, personal touches that make your home comfortable and welcoming for your guests. You can achieve this with using flowers, family photographs, and candles. To handle any odors or smells your home may have, you can burn candles or simmer cinnamon and cloves on the stove.

Tip # 9– When your home has been prepared and you have a back-up plan to deal with any unforeseen stains or spills, it is time for you as the host to sit back, relax and enjoy your party.

Prepare Your Shopping List like an Expert Party Planner

When you are planning a party, or perhaps planning an entire event, being well organized can set you apart from those who have a challenging time of it. Organization is your best friend when it pertains to successfully planning and having a party or event of any size. And, the key to having effective organization abilities lies in your shopping list. When you have an exceptional shopping list, you are sure to have all of the supplies you need on the day of your party or event.

It is extremely easy for most people to become bewildered when they enter a store or shopping mall. You walk in assuming that you know precisely what you want, and then you find yourself amongst so much amazing stuff that you start to doubt your initial thoughts and decisions. This often leads to buying things you hadn’t intended. In the worst case scenario this means you forget essential items, in the best case scenario it generally means that you spend way too much money and go over your budget. The straightforward way to prevent this to take place is to make a good shopping list adhere to it when you shop.

The very first step in preparing your shopping list is to take a pencil and a pad. Label with the date of your event and any location details you may need later, such as an address or phone number, if your party is not at your own home.

things you need for a house party
things you need for a house party

The second step in preparing your shopping list is to determine what the menu will be and what ingredients your menu needs you to have. Make the effort to go through each recipe for your menu and make a note of each of the ingredients you need to purchase and the quantities needed. Each of these ingredients, with their quantities listed, go under the heading of “food” on your master party shopping list.

The third step to preparing your shopping list is to choose any beverages or drinks you will be serving and the quantities you need to obtain. Each of your beverages or drinks, with their quantities listed, go under the heading of “beverages or drinks” on your master party shopping list.

The next step is to determine what party and paper products you need for the event or party. Things like cups, plates, silverware, serving bowls, centerpieces for tables, chairs and tables, flowers, etc. Make sure to jot down anything you could possibly need on your master party shopping list.

Now that you have a comprehensive master shopping list, it is a good idea to break that list down by stores and times when you will be buying the items listed. For instance, you go shopping twice at the grocery store. The first time you shop for everything that will last till the day of your event; the second time you shop for perishable items such as fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, and breads. This means that you want one page for the products you buy on the first trip, and another page for the products which you buy at the last minute.

As you make your sub-lists, include your shopping times to your master party planning schedule.  You have two grocery shopping trips, a trip to the party store, a trip to the liquor store, and a trip to the florist as well. By taking the time to schedule shopping at each of these venues, you can ensure that you do not forget to visit one store or another, and that have the time needed to obtain all of the things needed to have a successful party or event. So the key is to create a master shopping list, the only way to plan a successful party or event like a professional party planner. And, with the use of sub-lists you can zero in on just what you need and ignore the other things in the store that may have otherwise tempted you.

The Professional Party Planner’s Guide to Party Invitations

The invitation to your party is the very first glimpse into your event for your guests. Therefore, your invitations must match the occasion in both style and theme. Your invitation is meant to inform your invited guests about your event, however they are also to provide offer your guests a small glimpse into what is ahead at your party.

You send out your invitations at least four weeks prior to a small party, and precisely eight weeks prior for a bigger event such as a wedding celebration. Ensure that your party or event is not held over a holiday weekend where many of your friends and family may already have other plans, or who do not want to deal with holiday traveling.

The phrasing on your invitation needs to be carried out in a very conventional way. This means that it must include the following:

* All phrasing must always be in the third person style.

* Punctuation is never used at the ends of lines on an invitation, only on names and addresses which require them.

* Try not to use any abbreviations on your invitations. Spell out names, addresses, etc. fully. The one exception to this is the use of Mr. and Mrs. Both of these abbreviations are appropriate for an invitation.

* Days, dates, and times should all be defined completely.

* If you have a couple who you will be inviting that happens to both be doctors, you can simply address your invitation to “The Doctors “Surname” and it will be appropriate.

* It is always socially unacceptable to write “no children” or refer to gifts, or perhaps no gifts, on any type of invitations.

Each invitation must have the following information contained on it:

* The name of the host or hosts.

* The objective of the event.

* The name of the guest of honor.

* The day, date and time of the event.

* The place of the event.

* The address of the event with the street address only, never ever the zip code as this is tacky.

Once you have your invitations completed, it is time to get a friend to review them for you and let you know if you have made any mistakes in your text. This is extremely important because the last thing you do is send out all of your invitations with the wrong text on them. It is a lot easier to catch and fix the mistakes before the invitations are sent out.

home party invitation card design
home party invitation card design

You may find it surprising to know that in this day and age you can have your invitations printed at a very reasonable price online. Furthermore, if you have a good graphics program and printer, you can do them yourself. If you are having a small event, it is perfectly appropriate to buy a package of the hand-written invitations from your neighborhood store and simply write in the information on them.


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