Now is the time to turn a Bad Relationship into a Good Relationship

top relationship problems
top relationship problems

Now is the time to turn your Bad Relationship into a Good Relationship

Are you in a relationship? If you are, is it going smoothly or is it going through rough times? Not all relationships are alike; there are always these good relationships and bad relationships. How you and your partner will deal with the relationship will determine if it is a bad relationship or if it is a good one and going on smoothly. If you are in a bad relationship, perhaps you will wonder how your romantic relationship had a sudden twist. You might have asked yourself what have you done wrong or what your drawbacks were. Here are some things that you can consider why you have a bad relationship.

Lack of Communication

Communication and Interaction are a vital part of every relationship. Lack of it can make a romantic relationship turn into a bad relationship because this keeps both you and your partner from having a clear understanding of what is truly going on and why a certain issue is occurring.

Apart from this, it also develops more conflicts since you do not know what exactly the other partner wants or expects from the relationship. Being silent when an issue arises in the relationship will not do you any good, rather it will aggravate the issue. It is not a good idea that you do not open up about what you truly feel or how your partner feels. If both of you continue to remain in silence, anticipate your bad relationship to become even worse.

Infidelity, Cheating and Dishonesty

Infidelity, Cheating and dishonesty are three words that are often related to each other. If a person is unfaithful and betrays, he or she is dishonest in so many ways.

Lots of break-ups nowadays are because of infidelity and cheating. If you learn that your partner is unfaithful and betrays you, obviously this can lead to a major fight and heated arguments. Your initial reaction, for sure, will be so outraged that you will not be able to listen to reasons anymore. All those answers that he or she gave you in the past when you asked about some important things, you will come to realize that some of those were dishonest.

Your once happy and romantic relationship will now turn into a bad relationship due to the fact that there is one essential element which is lacking and that is trust. You start to become more suspicious and envious. So from then, your arguments will continue in circles which can ultimately lead to breakup.


Pride is another factor to start a bad relationship. Conflicts, Disputes and petty fights are part of every relationship, so you should not be ravaged if you and your partner encounter and go through these from time to time. There is absolutely nothing wrong in having arguments because you are able to voice your views and opinions about issues.

However, having these become more of a problem when you let your pride take over instead of humbling down and realize your mistake. Pride will never do you any good if you are in a relationship. You should always understand how to ask for forgiveness if you made a mistake or pave the way for, if you believe that what your partner says it will be beneficial to you and to the relationship.

These are a few of the important things that can turn a relationship bad. If you believe that one or all these are the reasons, you are now in a bad relationship, perhaps you should start reassessing yourself and the entire situation in order to save it.

“He Said – She Said”

The Relationship Triangle

People get involved in a relationship for the right reasons and leave a relationship for the wrong reasons

In fact, most of us have actually been guilty of it at one time or another and of being a complete fool demanding we get our way in the relationship. Remember the movie He Said, She Said? A constant power struggle ensues when you make the relationship all about you. So why do we do it?

I think the reason this happens is that we make unhealthy relationship choices. In our deepest inner desires, we naturally long for companionship and love in our lives. In our haste, we choose unwisely and compromise for that “next person” that comes along to please that longing. In this context, it’s easy to bend and flex because in the beginning we still don’t understand that person. Then as we do get to know them, we find ourselves making more compromises due to the fact that we don’t have the guts to fess up to our mistakes and all sorts of other irrational reasons rattling on through our head to avoid hurting another person. Bad moves fess up.

In our relationship objectives, we need to be far more familiar with ourselves, our habits, practices and routines, our desires, our likes and dislikes. The focus should not be on the person, the focus should be on the relationship. Even in the dating context – it could lead to something serious – we must focus on the relationship goals. What is it you expect in a relationship? Who are you in a relationship? What do you need from the relationship? And, and, and … take stock and remain open to change, improvements, discovery and more.

When you can address these concerns more clearly and you find yourself to be able to understand what you can give to the relationship, you choose your partners more sensibly. You also communicate and interact more honestly and truthfully because it is less about you and more about the relationship. The other person can listen better due to the fact that it is more about the relationship and less about them. And adjustments can be made a lot more smoothly from both sides when we communicate and interact on the relationship.

So look at it like a triangle. One side is you, your partner on the other. Instead of eyeballing and determining each other, aim to the peak – the Relationship. That’s your goal, that is your partner’s goal, and you look only at yourself in comparison to the relationship goals.

relationship counseling tips
relationship counseling tips

It’s not about me, it’s about the relationship. Can I give that to accomplish this in the relationship? Do I want that? Yes! And then let’s do it.

What is Relationship Counseling?

Ideally, everyone wishes to be in an excellent relationship. In order to have such a relationship, it is essential for us to continuously develop and preserve it.

It is indeed a lifetime commitment for us. Whatever age bracket we belong to or experience in life, our relationship will come across new and demanding challenges. For us to meet these challenges, we should develop flexible mindset and better understanding skills.

And there are different kinds of relationship. The relationship of a couple is perhaps the most crucial in our society. It is the main relationship in the life of the people. It is the basic element of society. Some relationships are essentially sexual. All relationship those are healthy and good are based on mutual respect and regard and can communicate and interact effectively to each other.

However we cannot deny the fact that there will always be problems and issues in the relationship in the future. So how are we going to solve the problems? And what will be the role of relationship counseling. It will assist us to make the right decision. The counselor will not give the solution but will lead us to the process of decision making. This is in contrast with the role of a consultant wherein he is expected to give a definite decision to the concerned person.

Relationship counseling will provide us new outlook and practical alternatives. The counseling itself will equip us with updated techniques and way in order to deal with life’s challenges and obstacles. In the counseling process, the couple are given time to express their needs and worries and later they can decide sensibly about the past ill feelings and misunderstanding. It helps in the removal of hindrances for an intimate relationship. Conflicts and Disputes are easily resolved by both parties. The skills in communicating are enhanced. Relationships are very much improved. People at present are extremely efficient in communicating their thoughts and ideas. They could respond to situations instead of criticizing and complaining. Differences of ideas and beliefs are discussed instead of destroying the credibility of the other person.

The parties involved in the relationship should be aware of their behavior and habits in order to understand how the relationship is impacted. Let us remember that the primary concern of relationship counseling is about the relationship. Relationship is in fact put to the test most of the time. We have a wounded relationship. That is the reason why relationship is taken as a patient to be treated and fixed. Relationship counseling is focused on how both parties respond to the various problems they are supposed to deal with. There are some of them who do not react, while others respond efficiently. Some people are concerned for the good of the relationship, while others do not bother.

If we are going to undergo relationship counseling, then some of the important things we could learn as an individual and a couple.

Never go to bed while still angry

As an individual

  • Essentials for a healthy relationship.
  • Improvement of one’s relationship.
  • We will be able to understand what is required in a relationship.
  • Knowing the challenges of being close and committed.
  • The relationship will be full of life, healthy and more fun.

As a couple

  • A relationship full of love and fulfillment.
  • Be able to talk about the reasons why we have relationship issues.
  • Able to end conflicts and disputes in a healthy manner.
  • Able to resolve issues in relation to commitment.
  • More intimacy and enjoyment in the relationship.

And that will be the role of relationship counseling. Relationship counseling will give us new outlook and practical alternatives.

10 Quick ways to Re-ignite the Flames of Love

When Men and Women enter into a relationship, what they are actually looking for is a buddy, someone they know and understand and will love us no matter what.

Research shows that people who put each other down and are hostile to each other are more likely to have serious issues.

We all have a comfort level and it’s usually determined by how we live and what our interests are. Our comfort level gives us a sense of security. We tend to lose ourselves and interests on what truly matters.

We don’t want to try new things, if I didn’t break it why fix it, that is what we believe when we are at that comfort zone. Step out of the box. Don’t SETTLE for the “status quo”, your existing condition.

We tend to feel vulnerable and insecure, our sense of security has been broken, and our love has actually diminished.

What if???

Stepping out of the comfort zone has a positive effect in your intimate love romantic relationship moments with your partners. Yes you can have it all!!

You learn from these intimate experiences and it helps you grow. New ways to share love and enjoy happiness together can be discovered, which is the best thing in this world!

Start today! Boost that romance today evening…

Follow a few simple steps and soon you will see things in a new light.

  1. Be spontaneous with your partner – it is a way to help your relationship thrive. Being spontaneous with your partner can enhance and strengthen your intimate moments … try something that you have actually always been wanting to do.
  2. Interact, become best friends. You will soon start developing a bond of intimacy. Be sincere, open and honest. Interact for love, sex and the relationship.
  3. Send Love Notes, Post them all over, tell them how gorgeous, good-looking, Beautiful, sexy and attractive, how much you love them, be creative, be specific.
  4. Complement each other lovingly in public and in privacy, show affection and love for each other.
  5. Show them just how much your actually care by being responsive, caring and loving whole heartedly. Do the little things like say I love you and I care for you.
  6. Respect each other whole heartedly; partners who treat each other with care and respect understand that it is essential to have that deep connection and loving relationship.
  7. Getting something, you know, they will like and enjoy. Be a good partner.
  8. Don’t let negative or irritating comments bother you, talk about the negativity when you are both calm.
  9. Be responsible for your own growth, appearance and health.
  10. Interacting without fear is absolutely essential to building the deepest kind of friendship and an intimate partner.
couples therapy techniques
couples therapy techniques

Deep within you there are powers that if discovered and used would enable you to achieve all that you ever dream or imagined you could become. Love is a Beautiful thing. Let’s share it.


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