High Blood Pressure – Causes and remedies

high blood pressure diagnosis and treatment
high blood pressure diagnosis and treatment

What is High Blood Pressure?

A rise in pressure exerted by circulating blood on the artery walls as a normal response to stress and physical activity is medically termed as High blood pressure or Hypertension. However, if this pressure remains constantly high, it can exhaust your heart and arteries, leading to arterial disease, heart attacks or cardiac arrest, cardiovascular disease and strokes.

Blood Pressure Measurement

Doctors or Physicians record blood pressure as two values, the systolic (the pressure of the blood as it enters the aorta from the heart) and the diastolic (the pressure when the heart ventricles relax between the beats). Millimeters of mercury (mm hg) is the measurement scale followed.

High Blood Pressure: The Silent Killer

Maintaining a healthy blood pressure is extremely essential to keep a healthy and enhanced general well-being. It is common for blood pressure to fluctuate throughout the day, but if stays high, then high blood pressure is experienced. Medically, high blood pressure is called Hypertension. Medical professionals agree that the normal blood pressure is between 110/70 and 125/80. High blood pressure may damage the blood vessels, heart and kidneys. These conditions may result in heart attack, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and other severe problems. In addition to these conditions, high blood pressure can cause the small blood vessels in the eye to bleed. Hypertension is often called a “silent killer” due to the fact that it does not cause symptoms while causing the said damages.

However, symptoms of high blood pressure are noticeable in some people. These symptoms may include headache, blurred vision, nausea, and chronic fatigue.

The causes of hypertension are mostly unknown. But several factors may cause high blood pressure like obesity, excessive alcohol consumption, family background of high blood pressure, consuming excessive salt, and aging. One’s blood pressure may also rise if he or she lives a sedentary lifestyle and is not consuming sufficient potassium and calcium. Hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis) or thickening of the artery walls, and excessive contraction of the small arteries may also cause hypertension.

Treatment for high blood pressure depends upon how high the blood pressure is. Health conditions like diabetes, or whether any organs have actually been damaged are vital in dealing with high blood pressure. People with high blood pressure may decrease their blood pressure by making healthy changes in their day-to-day activities and food regimens. Medication can be taken if those lifestyle modifications don’t work.

Here are a few of the lifestyle modifications that are essential in avoiding high blood pressure.

  1. Lose extra weight
  2. Consume less salt
  3. Exercise or Workout
  4. Alcohol may be limited to 2 drinks (of 30 ml each) a day for men and 1 drink (of 30 ml each) a day for women and lighter-weight men.
  5. Include 3,500 mg of potassium in your diet every day. Fresh, unprocessed whole foods have the most potassium. These foods include meat, fish, nonfat and low-fat dairy products, and many of fruits and vegetables.
  6. Consume diets rich in fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products.
  7. High blood pressure is a health condition that many have actually taken for granted. People who are concerned about their health must pay attention to their blood pressure. However before making major adjustments in one’s lifestyle, people who wish to reduce or maintain their blood pressure must seek the approval of doctors or physicians or other health professionals. With the appropriate lifestyle and food regimen, high blood pressure may not be an issue.

High Blood Pressure Effects

Coronary heart disease, leading to heart attack or cardiac arrest and stroke, is the primary damage that can be caused by High Blood Pressure. Hence, we have to understand the fact that High Blood Pressure can easily play with the life.

Can it happen to you?

Hypertension can occur in both children as well as adults. However, people above 35 years of age, have a higher chance of being attacked by High Blood Pressure. It is primarily common in African-Americans, middle-aged and elderly people, obese or overweight people, heavy drinkers, and women who take birth control pills. Patients suffering from diabetes mellitus, gout or kidney diseases are also prone to High Blood Pressure.

Symptoms of high blood pressure

High blood pressure symptoms include sudden dizziness, lightheadedness, flushed faces, nervousness, uneasiness, anxiety, severe headaches,  difficulty in breathing, nose bleeding, insomnia, intestinal or digestive tract complaints, depression, anxiety, short temper and emotional instability. The other physical symptoms of high blood pressure include constant tendency to urinate, blurred eye vision and muscle weakness.

Is There a Genetic Connection?

High Blood Pressure can also run in families. Parental history of high blood pressure, try to keep an eye on your pressure. It may develop due to your genes.

High blood pressure can also occur due to high stress levels. Therefore, it is essential to reduce stress if there is a genetic connection to high blood pressure. Get regular, brisk exercise and consume a healthy diet. Check your pressure routinely and take necessary steps before it harms your heart!

However, if this pressure remains constantly high, it can exhaust your heart and arteries, leading to arterial disease, heart attacks or cardiac arrest, cardiovascular disease and strokes.

High Blood Pressure Natural Treatment

yoga for blood pressure cure
yoga for blood pressure cure

Coronary diseases such as cardinal stroke risks and vascular diseases are linked to High Blood Pressure. Hence, many patients believe that the problem of High Blood Pressure can be treated not by medication but by Natural Treatment. High Blood Pressure natural treatment looks at treating the very source of the problem thus eliminating the ailment from its root.

The foremost requirement for High Blood Pressure Natural Treatment is that the patient needs to learn to relax and unwind. This is very much possible by decreasing activity that is stress forming and hectic in nature. Together with a stress free lifestyle, one must also look at ways to improve impaired blood circulation of the blood. It can be achieved by practice of meditation and yoga exercises such as deep breathing. Several patients who have embraced meditation practice it as much as six hours each day. Many of them have actually benefited from this kind of High Blood Pressure Natural Treatment.

Along with deep breathing and meditation, there are other High Blood Pressure Natural Treatments. One must make other small modifications in one’s lifestyle to stay free of the problem of High Blood Pressure. Consuming the right food is the best way to stay in control of one’s blood pressure. Being overweight or obese is one of the highest risk factors in the High Blood Pressure problem. Keeping fit through regular walking and exercise is an excellent and natural way of keeping High Blood Pressure in control. The lack of physical activity increases the risk of heart related issues. Also, quitting or cutting down on smoking, is absolutely essential for High Blood Pressure patients.

Sometimes to lower cardiac high risk factors, patients are given Co Enzyme Q10 to supplement their diet. Nutrient Q10 is essential for the life and health of a living cell and is natural. This High Blood Pressure Natural Treatment is also known to stabilize blood pressure, without causing any harmful side effects. It is usually sprayed into the mouth. It is recommended to be taken after meals. A number of United States patients have actually been indulging in High Blood Pressure Natural Treatments and they have actually received beneficial results.

Herbal treatment for high blood pressure

It is essential to understand how to maintain healthy blood pressure to enable efficient blood flow throughout the body. Herbal treatment for high blood pressure is required due to the frequency of high blood pressure incidence in our society today.

In some remote regions in the world, high blood pressure is relatively unknown. And there are no reported occurrences of high blood pressure. As people flocked to cities, the blood pressure also increases. It is believed that the change in diet and the stress brought about by the technological society is the main cause. If unchecked, high blood pressure could lead to stroke or heart attack.

For people with high blood pressure, they should consider conventional drug therapy and complement it with herbal treatment for high blood pressure. This herbal treatment for high blood pressure is often used by people in Europe and Asia before they turn to drugs. Amongst the popular herbal treatment for high blood pressure, is garlic. It is scientifically proven that including garlic to a meal can keep your blood pressure lower for the entire day. A research study conducted in 1987, volunteers used a daily dose of garlic oil which is equal to one-third of ounce of fresh garlic over a period of four weeks. The result showed that garlic oil when taken as herbal treatment for high blood pressure is effective in reducing blood pressure.

Onion oil is another excellent alternative as herbal treatment for high blood pressure. At the same time, it reduces cholesterol too. Green tea is also an excellent herbal treatment for high blood pressure. A Japanese neurologist Yoshikazu Sato, M.D. found that green tea is effective in treating high blood pressure. Kelp and other seaweeds are also reliable herbal treatment for high blood pressure.

Since stress is one of the primary causes of high blood pressure, herbal sedatives such as skullcap, lemon balm, linden and motherwort can be used as herbal treatment for high blood pressure to reduce muscle tension. Sedative aromas such as cinnamon-apple blend or orange blossom essential oil are also good herbal treatment for high blood pressure. If you feel your pressure rising, bite into an apple or peel an orange.

High Blood Pressure Tea

herbal treatment for high blood pressure
herbal treatment for high blood pressure

Take 1 quart of boiling water. Add 1 teaspoon each of ginger root and motherwort leaves. Pour boiling water over the herbs and leave for 20 minutes. Strain the herbs. Consume at least 2 cups a day. You can also make these herbs into a tincture using the same proportions, or you can search for commercial tinctures with similar herbs in them.

Blood Pressure Lowering Massage Oil

Take 12 drops each of orange and cinnamon essential oil. Add 4 ounces of vegetable oil. Combine the ingredients. Use as massage oil or add a teaspoon to your bath.

Acupuncture – The Treatment That Actually Works

Since times immemorial, Acupuncture is a distinct treatment for decreasing high blood pressure in human beings.

Electro-acupuncture treatments

Acupuncture combined with electric stimulation or electro-acupuncture can decrease elevations of blood pressure in human beings. When the research study was carried out for the very first time, acupuncture needles were inserted on the inside of the forearm just above the wrist, but to no benefit. Researcher then started adding electric stimulation to the needles, which suggests that electricity would start flowing from the needles to the body. There was no effect at high frequency of stimulation, where as low frequencies of electro stimulation reduced blood pressure effectively.

A comprehensive research study on acupuncture reveals that the inserted needles excite brain cells, causing them to release neurotransmitters that constantly increase the heart’s activities. To treat high blood pressure, acupuncture inserts needles on specific points on the wrist, forearm or leg to excite the opioid chemicals in the brain and reduce excitatory responses of the cardiovascular systems. This eventually decreases in heart activity and need for oxygen can reduce blood pressure to a great degree. It also promotes the healing of other heart-related conditions like myocardial anemia and hypertensions.

Other acupuncture treatments to reduce high blood pressure

While you are undergoing acupuncture treatments for treating high blood pressure, you can also use herbs like Tian Ma [Gastrodia Rhizome], Xia Ku Cao [Prunella] and Shan Zha to reduce high blood pressure. You need to inject the juices of these herbs into your blood to achieve better results. Pressing of the skin on the back of your hand in between the thumb and index finger, is a unique and natural  acupuncture treatment for high blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure Treatment

High Blood Pressure Treatment is absolutely essential. Without any proper treatment an acute High Blood Pressure condition can prove fatal. High Blood Pressure is a long-lasting condition and discontinuing treatment mid way, when the Blood Pressure is under control is not the right approach to treatment. This is due to the fact that the ailment will recur and the medication will have to be started all over again. High Blood Pressure Treatment is available in numerous ways. Some of these are clinically tested types of treatment and some are not. Though they are not clinically tested in many cases, they are based on traditional sources and folklore. These Blood Pressure Treatments include within them, knowledge and understanding obtained over the centuries. These types of treatment are largely derived from herbs, plants and spices which are grown locally.

Patients, who are averse to swallowing pills or tablets to keep their Blood Pressure in control, put their hopes on small modifications in their lifestyle. This Blood Pressure Treatment is essentially about embracing a lifestyle that makes the heart muscles stronger. Changing lifestyle works much better and provides the treatment in High Blood Pressure that is likely to be proved as the very best approach. This involves a routine of regular exercise and consuming foods that are low in sodium (salt).

Together with physical activity and judicious and sensible eating, one can keep a control on weight to provide the best treatment for High Blood Pressure.

It is also a known fact that a stress free lifestyle is the answer to the High Blood Pressure.

In other words, one must choose meditation or other techniques of remaining calm under tension or stress, to carry out the better treatment of high blood pressure..

Majority of people like the concept of natural treatment for High Blood Pressure. Many companies that deal with this segment have actually streamlined treatment in High Blood Pressure. They offer completely natural drugs and tablets to be taken orally in a fixed dosage, to regulate the treatment in High Blood Pressure. It is worthwhile to go through the instructions and guidelines in fine print on the brochure or label on the bottle.

Challenging this rather orthodox form of dealing with High Blood Pressure is the drug associated medication. This has actually been clinically tested and managed, and depends on diagnosis for providing a tailor made treatment in High Blood Pressure. That is why patients of High Blood Pressure opt for this kind in the treatment of high blood pressure.

Not all cases of High Blood Pressure can be treated in the same kind. The Blood Pressure types are classified into three major groups. High blood pressure is treated differently for each of them. Treatment for high blood pressure are generally divided into eight categories. These categories are arranged, according to the phase of Hypertension.

In Stage I type of Hypertension, there are no other major health issues. The Diastolic Pressure is between 90 to 99, while the Systolic Pressure is between 140 and 159. A diuretic agent is prescribed for High Blood Pressure. Along with the medication and a healthy lifestyle, the High Blood Pressure is kept well under control.

In Stage II type of Hypertension, the Diastolic Pressure is 100 and above, while the Systolic Pressure is 159 and above. For this category of patients, High Blood Pressure Medication, along with a Diuretic and an ACE Inhibitor is recommended. The formula of combining two drugs works faster and keeps blood pressure in control. Other High Blood Pressure Medications include Beta Blockers, CCBs and Angiotensin II receptor blockers, in this category.

In the Stage III type of blood pressure, the patient usually has serious health issues along with High Blood Pressure. The common problems are diabetes, heart and kidney problems, coronary artery disease and even previous heart attack or cardiac arrest. Medication for High Blood Pressure in such cases is usually fixed after other types of medications have actually been tried. Generally, the doctor or physician attempts to put various High Blood Pressure Medication Strategy, where he attempts to reduce blood pressure to a fixed goal.

High Blood Pressure Medication

Medicine and High Blood Pressure are interdependent. The type of medicine to be taken for High Blood Pressure is not a single path to be followed. The dosage and the type of medicine to be taken depend on the level of High Blood Pressure that a patient is suffering from.

If there is a constriction of vessels, then the choice of High Blood Pressure Medicine is an Angio Tensin Converting Enzyme. This prevents the formation of the hormone angiotensin II and prevents the narrowing of blood vessels. Another course of medication for High Blood Pressure includes Angiotensin Antagonists. These Medicines shield blood vessels from making angiotensin and widen blood vessels to subsequently lower blood pressure.

high blood pressure medicine
high blood pressure medicine

Calcium Channel Blockers are the next category of High Blood Pressure Medicine. These medicines keep calcium from entering the muscle cells of the heart and the blood vessels. The category of these channel blockers is alpha blockers and beta blockers. Impulses to the blood vessels are reduced by alpha blockers. This allows the blood to pass without restrictions through the blood vessels and thus helps the blood pressure to decrease. The heart beat slows down by the use of beta blockers to treat high blood pressure.

Nervous System Inhibitors are also used for treatment. They inhibit heart and relax and unwind blood vessels by controlling nerve impulses. Doctors or Physicians also use Vasodilators as High Blood Pressure Medication in the final stage. These medicines directly open blood vessels and allow the blood pressure to be lowered. Combining this medication and High Blood Pressure with the ideal lifestyle can be extremely helpful.


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