Get your perfect body in no time

  1. Make a plan – If you intend to lose weight, you need to make a plan for it. Planning includes setting your goals both short term and long term ones. With appropriate planning, you would be able to have a reliable overview on the steps you have to take, towards shedding extra pounds of weight. In addition to that, it also keeps you motivated.
  2. Watch sports – When you watch people playing sports, whether you do it by visiting stadiums or merely watching on television, you would see how fit and healthy the athletes are. Because of that, you may get inspired more in hitting your fitness objectives. In addition to that, you might also be encouraged in getting involved with certain sports.
  3. Maintain proper posture – When you stand or sit down properly, you not just ensure that you are able to exercise appropriate breathing techniques. It also helps you look thinner, apart from the fact that it develops the core muscles of your body. Standing straight keeps your abdominal muscles tightened, which develops the strength of your stomach and make you lose weight.
  4. Make a list of the negative aspects of gaining weight – One of the things that may provide you the motivation to lose weight, is to make a list of the negative aspects of gaining weight. You may find it harder to fit into your clothes, when you gain more weight. Apart from that, it also put you at risk to certain diseases. Various other negative aspects include easily becoming fatigue, not being able to perform certain physical activities, and many more.
  5. Get yourself a pet dog – When you visit the park, take a look around you, and you see people with their pet dogs. One of the things that you may observe is that, most pet owners are not fat. This is because their pets increase their daily physical activities, when they walk them around the neighborhood each day. In addition to that, if you have a pet dog, you can play with him all day, without realizing that you are burning calories.
  6. Warm up before starting your exercise routine – Warming up prior to starting your exercise routine give you lots of benefits. In addition to preventing certain injuries, it also ensures that your muscles are relaxed properly. Because of that, you are able to carry out the routines the right way, and benefit from them.
  7. Motivate yourself – Without the appropriate motivation, you may not be able to reach your weight loss objectives. Hence, it is best if you develop means to get motivated. One of the means to do it is to visualize yourself when you have already lost weight. Apart from that, you can also list down the advantages that you can enjoy with it.
  8. Inform your family and friends of your plans – Prior to taking the steps in losing weight, it is best to inform your friends and family about it. That way, they can provide you with the support you need. They can provide you encouragement, and they can help in stopping you from consuming foods that are unhealthy.
  9. Dream of losing weight – Before you go to sleep at nights, you should dream about what you would look like when you lose weight. You should visualize yourself and the various other things that you would enjoy when you lose some extra pounds. This helps you get motivated just before sleeping, which helps you start your day the following morning, thinking about the things to do to lose weight.
  10. Take a picture of yourself prior to taking the first steps in losing weight – One of the most effective ways to monitor your progress is to take a picture of yourself just before you start. By doing this, you can compare it with a new picture after weeks of doing certain things, that help you lose weight. Therefore, it is also best if you take pictures each time you lose a certain amount of weight.
  11. Chew your food thoroughly – When you chew your food thoroughly, you not just enjoy your food better, but it also helps you lose weight. This is because doing that prolongs your time of eating, which provides your body an opportunity to distinguish being full. Simply put, when you eat slower, you consume lesser quantities of food, than eating faster.
  12. Avoid sitting down for long time – Sitting down for long time may develop back or neck pain. In addition to that, it also prevents you from losing weight. However, you can still help yourself lose weight, if you cannot avoid it, by walking around the hallways from time to time. You can also walk around the building during break times and lunch.
  13. Use your feet instead of your hands – It is always better to stand and use your feet instead of your hands, so that you lose weight. For instance, when you have to communicate something to your colleague, who is just a couple of meters away from you. Walk to him rather than using your email, so that you can burn some calories in the process.
  14. Use the stairs instead of the elevator – When you are on your way to your office, which is located at a specific floor inside the building, make sure to use the stairs instead of the elevator. This helps you burn a lot more calories and lose weight. Do this every-day, so that you can achieve your objectives soon.
  15. Park your car a couple of blocks away from your destination – Whether you are going to a grocery store or to your office, parking it a few blocks away from your destination helps you lose weight. Doing this lets you get some exercise, by walking a few meters to reach your destination. In addition to that, it also helps you in saving some gas.
  16. Play with your kids a lot more – Losing weight can be fun, especially if you have kids who are longing to spend more time with you. Schedule a daily playtime with them, such as after your work or during your lunchtime, if you go home. When you play with your kids, since it is fun, you won’t even notice that you are already burning even more fats and calories.
  17. Become a do-it-yourself person – Doing things by yourself helps you lose weight. Therefore, being a DIY (Do It Yourself) person helps you in achieving your objectives. What you can do is to take a look around your place, and see if there are things that need repair, and do it yourself. Apart from that, you can also think of certain projects for your home, and do it from scratch, or check for DIY kits in the market.
  18. Wash your car – Your car needs washing regularly to keep in clean. To lose weight, rather than taking it to car washing stations, you should wash it yourself, so that you can get more work-out. Make sure to do it properly, so that you lose weight and have a shiny vehicle as well.
  19. Clean your home – Cleaning your home yourself, won’t just help in making it more beautiful, but it also helps you lose weight. Make this a routine activity, in which you do it every weekend or so. When you do it on a regular basis, you eventually set a routine that you can adhere to conveniently.
  20. Organize things inside your home – Organizing things in your home helps you lose weight. This involves activities like organizing your books, appliances, as well as your furniture. Do it yourself, so that you would also be able to apply your own artistic feeling. With that, you won’t just be losing weight, but additionally improve the ambiance of your place.
  21. Water the plants with the use of pail and dipper – Whether you like to care for plants or not, you should them every-day. Doing that not just makes the plants grow faster, but it also helps you lose weight. Use a pail and a dipper instead of a water sprinkler, so that you can do it while getting some exercise.
  22. Consume oatmeal – Consuming oatmeal significantly helps you in losing weight, especially if you do it in the morning. Oats are actually filled with dietary fiber, which naturally suppress your appetite. Apart from that, due to its high fiber content, it also makes your body burn even more calories in processing it.
  23. Become more conscious of portion size – The more you eat, the more you actually gain weight. Therefore, you might still gain weight, even if you exercise and consume healthy and balanced foods, if you are still providing your body with more calories than it needs. Hence, you need to control your daily portion, so that you can lose weight.
  24. Eat an apple before dinner – Eating an apple just a couple of minutes before eating dinner helps you lose weight, since it suppresses your appetite effectively. You can also do it during snacks. It is far better to include the skin, as long as the apple has been grown organically, because it contains lots of essential nutrients.
  25. Eat banana when you wake up in the morning – When you eat a piece of banana when you wake up, it provides your body with the energy that it needs to jumpstart your day. In addition to that, it is also filled with nutrients, which help you maintain good health. More importantly, it also helps in suppressing your appetite naturally.
  26. Drink water minutes before eating breakfast – Drinking water in the morning, especially before eating breakfast, gives you the feeling of being full. Hence, it suppresses your appetite to some extent. In addition to that, it also helps you cleanse your system more effectively by flushing out toxins.
  27. Eat at home – When you eat outside, such as in restaurants, coffee shops, and fast food outlets, there is always a tendency for you to eat foods that encourage weight gain. In addition to that, you are also not sure about how much oil they cook it with, and what ingredients were added. Hence, it is always better to eat at home, when it pertains to losing weight, and keeping your body healthy and balanced.
  28. Cook your own meals – When you cook your own meals, you ensure that you are adding ingredients that are not fattening. Apart from that, you also monitor the quantity of salt you add. Focus a lot more on healthy recipes though, so that you follow a diet that is healthy and balanced.
  29. Pack food for snacks – When you work, you may want to eat a sandwich or something, whenever it is your break time. Packing food for your snacks helps ensure that you are eating much healthier types of food. In addition to that, you also save money in the process, since eating out for snacks can be expensive.
  30. Make sure that your goals are achievable – It is extremely important to set goals in the beginning of your weight loss program. However, make sure that they are achievable in a certain time period. By doing that, you provide yourself with more encouragement and motivation, each time you are able to reach them.
  31. Get a heart rate monitor – Monitoring your heart rate is essential in losing weight. Having a heart rate monitor with you whenever you walk, run, jog, or ride a bike, helps ensure that you are doing your exercise routines at a pace, which facilitates losing weight. Therefore, it is best if you have this kind of device on hand.
  32. Do some stretching before exercising – Doing some stretching routines prior to exercising helps in losing weight, because it prevents injuries. Always keep in mind that one of the primary concerns in losing weight is to be healthier. If you get hurt due to lack of stretching, you need to put a stop to your activities and postpone it.
  33. Stay as flexible as possible – Staying as flexible as possible helps you keep your sights on your goals. Keep in mind that in your work, or with your family, there are certain things that may happen, which can alter your daily schedule. By being flexible, it allows you to adjust with certain changes, and still be able to exercise.
  34. Make losing weight a competition – Losing weight becomes a lot more effective and fun if you make it a competition. Hence, it is best if you convince someone to do it along with you. You may have your friend or your spouse as your competitor when it pertains to this. After some time, check which of you is able to lose more pounds, and set a certain reward for it.
  35. Involve your family – Get your family involved with the activities that you need to follow to lose weight. By doing this, you encourage all your loved ones to attain better health and wellness. In addition to that, you also all collaborate in achieving your goals, by cooking healthy meals, doing exercises together, and such.
  36. Start with simpler workout routines – If you do not intend to get discouraged in exercising, it is best you start with the basic routines initially. Keep in mind that, because your goal is to lose weight, basic routines help you as much as the complex ones. Therefore, stay away from the complex routines initially, so that you start at the right course.
  37. Start at a slower pace – If you have not been exercising for quite a long time, it is best to start at a slower pace initially. This provides your body the time it needs to adapt to the increased physical activities. Hence, start at a slower pace initially, and gradually increase it, to make it more effective. 38. Consider the needs of your body – When you exercise, you need to consider that your body needs some time to repair its worn out tissues. Hence, you need sufficient rest by sleeping for at least 8 hours each night. In addition to that, your body also needs more protein, so that it efficiently develops newer muscle tissues.
  38. Try different things to make it much more interesting – To avoid monotony, when it pertains to exercising, you need to try different things. Try different equipment and activities, so that you enjoy exercising a lot more. Just make sure that you stay on certain routines for some time, to provide it the chance to take effect.
  39. Develop the strength of your core – There are certain exercise routines, like squats, which strengthen your core. Your core actually consists of your oblique, stomach, and back muscles; and, if you strengthen them, you allow your body to be a lot more efficient in executing other routines. In addition to that, it also prevents injuries.
  40. Add some pepper into your daily recipes – When you consume spicy foods, it makes you sweat. This is because it enhances up your body’s metabolic rate. Therefore, include some pepper into your daily recipes, to make them taste better, and to lose weight. This is actually one of the reasons why people who enjoy spices are leaner and healthier.
  41. It is always better to have fresh fruits than fruit juices – Although fruit juices most of the times contain the nutrients that fresh fruits have, they are usually stripped of the natural fibers. Fiber can provide you with lots of benefits in terms of losing weight, especially when it pertains to appetite suppression. In addition to that, some companies may also add sugar to their fruit juices.
  42. Reduce your consumption of alcohol – Several alcoholic beverages in fact contain lots of calories. Because of that, alcohol consumption should be eliminated or at least be kept to a minimum level. In addition to that, when you consume such beverages, it affects your activities the next day. Therefore, it suggests that it makes you postpone your exercise, and remain in bed the whole day.
  43. Avoid mayonnaise as much as possible – Mayonnaise contains lots of calories and fats; and, they are generally added to various types of foods that people enjoy to eat. Most of sandwiches are filled with mayonnaise, as well as various other foods. Hence, it is best to be cautious in ordering foods in restaurants, because they may contain mayonnaise added either to the food itself, or as dressing.
  44. Stop going to coffee shops after work – Lots of people today make it a habit to drop by the coffee shop after a long day of work. This habit actually stops you from losing weight. This is because tasty coffee beverages, especially that are cold, contain lots of fats and calories. In addition to that, consuming them may also tempt you to order pastries, which adds more to your weight.
  45. Sign up for a race – If you like running, one of the most effective ways to speed up your progress in losing weight is to sign up for a race. This provides you with more motivation in increasing your pace. In addition to that, because you don’t want to be the last person to cross the finish line, you would certainly train for it.
  46. Use skimmed milk – When you compare skimmed milk and the regular kind, they are actually the same, except for the fact that the former contains lesser fats and calories than the latter. Simply put, skimmed milk still has the necessary nutrients that one needs from milk such as vitamins and minerals. However, it helps you much better in losing weight than consuming regular kind.
  47. Monitor your weight – Monitoring your weight is one of the things that you may do in order to motivate. This holds true, if you are able to lose a number of pounds each time you climb onto the weighing scale. To ensure that it holds true, do it only once in a week.
  48. If you are following a certain exercise program, start with the routines you don’t like – When you have a exercise program that you need to follow, it is a possible that you don’t like certain routines in it. To get the most from the program, perform the routines you don’t like at the beginning. You don’t want to do them at the last part, because you may already feel exhausted, and may tend to skip them.
  49. Reward yourself each time you lose a number of pounds – When you are able to reach your short-term objectives, it is a good idea to reward yourself each time. Although losing a number of pounds can already be rewarding, treating yourself for your favorite meal, going out with your friends, or buying something new, provides you with even more inspiration to continue doing the things that helped you lose weight.
  50. Put a lists on the door of your refrigerator about the negative effects of obesity – Some of the negative effects of obesity include increasing your chances of getting affected with certain diseases, making you move slower, making you feel exhausted sooner, and so on. Note these down on a piece of paper, and put it on the door of your refrigerator. This helps you think twice in eating more food, each time you try to open it.

    outdoor exercises without equipment
    outdoor exercises without equipment
  51. Avoid eating junk foods – Junk foods contain lots of salt and calories that can make you gain weight. In addition to that, they also generally do not contain any nutritional value. Moreover, junk foods are not just chips you eat in front of the TV set. They also include burgers, spaghettis, fries, and such.
  52. Hit the grocery store or supermarket only after eating – When you visit the grocery store or supermarket, you tend to purchase lots of food items if you are feeling hungry. It even tempts you to buy foods that are filled with fats and calories, when you give in to your cravings. Therefore, it is a good idea to eat, even just a light snack, prior to visiting the grocery store or supermarket, so that you can avoid the temptation of purchasing more than what you need.
  53. Make a plan for your vacation – If you are going on a vacation with your family or friends, there is going to be a tendency that it can make you break your usual workout routine. Hence, it is best if you plan your vacation well. For instance, book a hotel that has a gym or health club inside it, or at least located near it, so that you can still have a chance to get some exercise.
  54. Remove the skin from the chicken meat before cooking – Chicken is actually a great source of protein, since it is not loaded with fats. Chicken skin in fact tastes so good with it; however, you need to remove it if you intend to lose weight. This is because it is loaded with fats and calories, which is not good when it pertains to losing weight.
  55. Hydrate yourself by drinking lots of water – When you undergo exercise routines, it is best to drink lots of water, so that you won’t get dehydrated. In addition to that, it additionally suppresses your appetite to some extent. In times when you feel hunger, try to consume a glass of water first, since you could have mistaken hunger for being thirsty.
  56. Consume a lot more protein – When you undergo exercise routines to lose weight, you need to load up on protein, because it helps your body in repairing worn out cells. Apart from that, when you consume foods full of protein, it would actually makes you feel full much longer, which helps in controlling your appetite.
  57. Avoid salt as much as you can – Eating foods that are high in salt content is not a good idea if you intend to lose weight. This is because salt facilitates water retention in your body, as well as bloating. Furthermore, it also puts you at risk to high blood pressure and certain heart diseases.
  58. Consume a lot more whole grains for your source of carbohydrates – You need to consume foods that contain carbohydrates to have the energy you need. When it pertains to that, it is a good idea to pick whole grains, since they contain lots of fiber, which prolongs the digestion process. Besides suppressing your appetite, fiber also reduces your blood cholesterol levels.
  59. Reduce your consumption of soda and soft drink – If you need to gain weight, sodas and soft drinks are your good friends. However, since you want the opposite of that, you need to avoid them. Sodas and Soft drinks actually contain no essential nutrients, except for hundreds of calories that make you gain weight quickly. Hence, it is best to choose water whenever you are thirsty.
  60. Choose methods of cooking that use lesser quantities of oil – There are certain methods of cooking, which allow lesser use of oil; and, one example of it is to steam vegetables. Such sort of cooking allows the retention of vitamins, minerals, as well as fiber, which vegetables are known for. By following this, you are able to take in lesser oil, and be able to take advantage of the essential nutrients.
  61. Choose your protein sources well – You need to keep in mind that lots of foods that are high protein, are usually associated with fats and calories as well. Hence, it is best that you choose the protein sources well, when it pertains to planning your diet regimen. Some of the foods you may consider for this include eggs, fish, lean meat, turkey, chicken without its skin, and such.
  62. Consume snacks in between meals – Eating snacks in between breakfast and lunch, as well as in between lunch and dinner is a good idea. This is because, it controls your appetite for the main meals, apart from boosting your metabolism. However, make sure to pick healthy snacks, and be mindful of your portions.
  63. If you can’t avoid drinking beverages, pick those that contain less sugar – Drinking beverages is something that you need to avoid in order to lose weight. However, if you simply need to have some, pick those that have lower sugar and calorie content. Apart from that, put lots of ice cubes into the drinks, so that they become diluted with water.
  64. Eat raw foods – Eating raw foods such as raw vegetables provide you with more vitamins and minerals that your body needs. In addition to that, they also contain a lot more moisture. Furthermore, raw vegetables also make your body work more, in order to get them processed. Hence, try minimizing cooking vegetables, so that they help you a lot more in losing weight.
  65. Focus on your meal while eating – Don’t watch TELEVISION or use your computer while you are eating. When you do that, you prevent your mind in comprehending the signals that are sent by your body that it is already full. Therefore, it leads to binge eating, since you feel that you are still unsatisfied, even when you have already consumed lots of foods.
  66. Do things moderately – It is always best, when you are dieting, to do things moderately. Therefore, in following your diet program, do not be too hard on yourself. It is perfectly fine to indulge in eating something that should not be included into your diet, as long as you keep it in small quantities. It makes you feel less deprived, and even helps you stick on your program.
  67. Never, starve yourself to lose weight – When you follow diet programs that are too restrictive, it may make you starve yourself, especially when you undergo fasting to lose weight. This is actually not a good idea, since it prompts your body to go on survival mode, in which it conserves all fats it has stored, and lowers your metabolic rate.
  68. Find a partner – When it pertains to losing weight through dieting and exercising, it is a good idea to find a partner for it. Whether he or she is your spouse or friend, with a partner, you can both help in motivating each other. Apart from that, you can even compete with each other, so that you make it a lot more interesting.
  69. Set short-term goals – It is always great to have short-term goals as well, rather than sticking only to long-term ones. This is because long-term goals become rather frustrating. With short-term goals, you can ensure that you are progressing, since it provides you an easier means to achieve results. Hence, short-term goals ensure that you are motivated enough to continue.
  70. Be more conscious on your calorie consumption – When it pertains to losing weight, your body needs to burn more calories than it receives. Therefore, you need to be conscious on your calorie consumption; and, one of the things you can do for that, is to check the labels of the food products you buy from the store. Apart from that, you need to do your research about the calories of various other food products.
  71. Drink green tea to lose weight – Drinking green tea helps you lose weight, since it improves your body’s metabolic rates. In addition to that, green tea is known to suppress a person’s appetite. Therefore, it prevents you from consuming heavy snacks. Furthermore, studies conclude that it helps a person’s body in burning a lot more calories.
  72. Eat a heavy breakfast – The breakfast is in fact the most essential meal for the day, since it determines the kind of energy you would have throughout the day. Therefore, it is best to eat a heavy breakfast meal, so that you can boost your metabolism. In addition to that, it also helps in controlling your appetite, because you won’t be too hungry during lunch time.
  73. Listen to good music while exercising – When you exercise, it is always much better if you are full of energy. Besides ensure that you have consumed a healthy meal hours before exercising, you can also turn up the volume for your MP3 player, in order to be a lot more effective in it. Good music takes your mind away from the feeling of exhaustion. Therefore, it helps you last much longer.
  74. Take a good multivitamin supplement – Always remember that when you exercise, your body also has an increased need for certain nutrients, in order to stay healthy and balanced. Although you are following a healthy and balanced diet regimen, there is still a possibility that it can’t provide you adequate quantities of some nutrients. Therefore, it is best to take a good multivitamin supplement, just to be on the safe side.
  75. Do your exercise routines outdoors once in a while – Doing your exercises outdoors actually offers you with a lot of benefits. When you exercise outdoors, it allows you to breathe fresh air. In addition to that, when you do it at the park, you meet new friends, who may also want to join you. This also prevents you from getting bored of your usual routines.
  76. Be conscious of the adverse effects of staying up late at nights – When you stay up late at nights quite often, it exposes you to lots of adverse effects, which make you gain more weight. Some of these include lowering your metabolic rate, being drowsy the next day, causing binge eating, and a lot more.
  77. See your doctor prior to exercising – Whether you have a certain medical condition or not, it is best to see your doctor before starting with your exercise program. This is to ensure that you are fit in undergoing certain types of exercise routines. In addition to that, your doctor may even give you with suggestions on the better ways of losing weight.
  78. Read stories about people who lost weight successfully – One of the best ways to maintain your motivation in losing weight is to read stories of people, who were able to achieve it. This is because; it reminds you that hitting your objectives is indeed possible. In addition to that, lots of these stories are truly inspiring.
  79. Avoid processed foods – Highly processed foods can make you gain weight, since they are usually filled with salt and calories. In addition to that, because they have undergone lots of processing, they are easily broken down by your body’s system, which means that they would not make your body spend lots of energy to absorb them. Furthermore, processed foods contain lots of preservatives, which puts your health at risk.
  80. Eat foods that have higher fiber content – There are lots of foods that have high fiber content, which are readily available in the market. Provide your body with lots of fiber results to losing weight, since it prolongs the process of digestion. Simply put, it makes you feel full much longer, thereby, suppressing your appetite naturally.
  81. Build more muscles to lose more fats – If you intend to achieve weight loss faster, you actually do some weight training for it. You don’t need to follow routines done by professional bodybuilders for this. Simple weight lifting with dumbbells does the trick, especially if you can put adequate pressure on your muscles. Doing this makes your body burn even more calories, even when you are no longer doing anything, because it spends more energy in developing more muscular tissues.
  82. Give your muscles a break – When you exercise, whether you do some weight lifting or simply just cardio activities, you need to give your muscles a break. This is because you don’t want to strain them by excessive work out, since it puts you at risk to injuries or certain types of diseases.
  83. Never skip meals – Skipping meals is the last thing to do if you intend to lose weight. Doing it actually makes you gain weight, instead of losing some, since it causes your body to lower your metabolism. In addition to that, it also prompts your body to conserve its reserve energy. Furthermore, skipping meals also cause binge eating.
  84. Losing weight must be carried out in a healthy and balanced way – In losing weight, you must always remember that you are doing it to be healthier. Although losing weight to lots of people is healthy, doing it in an excessive manner may result to something adverse. Hence, when you choose a diet plan, make sure that it provides you with the nutrients your body needs. In addition to that, you must never exhaust yourself.
  85. Explore other forms of exercises – After doing the same kinds of exercise routines for a certain period of time, it becomes monotonous. Therefore, it is best to explore other forms of it, so that you can prevent monotony. Try to check other forms of exercises through exercise videos on the internet if you wish to, so that you can simply follow the instructions provided.
  86. Eat more times in a day – Contrary to what other people may believe, eating around 5 to 6 times in a day actually helps in losing weight. The reason behind this is that, you would actually be providing your body with food to process on a constant manner, which results to increased metabolic rate. In addition to that, with constant food in your stomach, you won’t feel hungry for lunch or dinner times.
  87. Eat healthy snacks – Eating in between meals is actually a good idea, since it suppresses your appetite effectively. However, you need to still be conscious on the types of foods you eat during snack times. There are lots of snack items in grocery stores nowadays, which are nutritious. Pick those that are filled with dietary fiber, so that you can prolong your feeling of fullness.
  88. Watch TELEVISION only when you are done with all the things you need to do – Getting hooked with watching TELEVISION becomes a hindrance in achieving your weight loss objectives, especially if you do it in the morning. Therefore, get in front of the Television Set, only when you are done with the things you need to do for the day.
  89. Cook using a non-stick cookware – Non-stick cookware are readily available in the majority of grocery stores and supermarkets nowadays. Using such types of cookware helps you a lot in losing weight, since you won’t have to use oil with them. Pick those that are made in good quality though, so that the non-stick pan lasts a long time.
  90. Avoid people in the gym or health club who are too talkative – There are times when you bump into someone at the gym or health club who does not know when to stop talking. You must avoid such types of individuals, because they make you lose your focus on what you need to do. Keep in mind that you are at the gym to lose weight, and not for chitchat.
  91. Avoid crash diet, especially those that have unrealistic promises – If you explore the internet, you come across lots of crash diet with unrealistic assurances. These diets make you undergo extremely restrictive approaches in losing weight. At the start, they may help you achieve your goals; however since they are too restrictive, most of them cannot assure long-term results.
  92. Buy clothes that are smaller sized – Buying smaller sized clothes provide you with more motivation in losing weight. It offers you the kind of challenge that you are looking for. Ensure though that what you are trying to do is achievable, so that you won’t get discouraged. In addition to that, buy clothes that actually make you look good, so that you are thrilled in fitting into them.
  93. Eat wisely in restaurants – Eating in restaurants on a regular basis can make you gain weight. Therefore, doing it just on certain occasions would be better. In addition to that, you need to also be conscious on the foods that you order. Avoid foods that are deep-fried. In addition to that, you need to also pick foods from the menu that are less fatty.
  94. Get sufficient sleep – When you deprive your body with its needed time to rest, you actually lower your metabolic rate. This results in being drowsy the next day, due to lack of energy. In addition to that, when you lack sleep, it makes your body compensate for it, by boosting your appetite.
  95. Get some time to relax and relieve stress – Stress becomes one of the things that makes you gain more weight. This is because, when you are under a lot of stress, you might consider eating lots of food as your outlet. Hence, you need to look for ways to be stress free, such as watching a movie, listening to good music, and practicing yoga.
  96. Check out exercise videos on the internet – If you don’t have time to go to gyms to exercise, keep in mind that there are exercise videos readily available on the internet today. Most of these videos can be accessed free. Hence, all you need to do is to download them, and follow them anytime you want. Such videos show you various types of routines; and, all you have to do is to pick the ones you like best.
  97. Limit your coffee consumption – Limiting your coffee consumption helps, you lose weight, especially if you usually use cream and sugar with it. However, this does not mean that coffee itself, causes you to gain weight. Consuming coffee boosts your energy, which is good to use just before going to the gym. Apart from that, recent studies indicate that it does not dehydrate you as what others claim.
  98. Make sure to keep yourself as energetic as possible when attending parties – When you attend parties, there is always a tendency to overeat, or to drink lots of sodas or soft drinks that are filled with calories. To make sure that you won’t gain too much from it, you need to be as energetic as possible. Go around, chat with your friends. In addition to that, when there are people dancing, you must join them.
  99. Gather as much information about losing weight as you can – Becoming knowledgeable about losing weight is one of the best things that you can do to achieve it. You can search the internet, or by buying books about it. However, you need to also apply what you learn, so that it is put to good use.

    different types of exercises to do at home
    different types of exercises to do at home
  100. Get yourself tested for body fat – If you intend to make sure, if you are able to hit your goals or not, you can get yourself evaluated for body fat. Being evaluated does not have to be done on a weekly basis. You must do it prior to starting your program and again a month or two after. Some health clubs offer it at affordable prices; therefore, you should visit them soon.


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