Your kiss is extremely special. It is for the one who is exceptional.


                                                                          Kiss expresses affection.

                                       Kiss symbolizes love.

Kiss beams fondness.

                                                          Kiss confesses friendliness.

                            Kiss reflects warmth.

                                                                                    Kiss is about care.

  Kiss ignites passion.

                            Kiss enhances closeness.

                                                                   Kiss elevates Intimacy.


Each Kiss Is Significant For You And For Him.

Kisses are great and memorable. They are the Mother Nature’s one of the best gifts to Man. They are supposed to be natural, soft and full of excitement. They are expected to be sweet too.

“Soul meets soul on lovers’ lips.”

– Percy Shelly

Sounds exceptionally passionate! Rings dreamy whispers in your ears. Women! Stop and think. Who would desire to kiss you if you have cracked dried, terrible rough or unappealing lips?

Does this require much effort? Keep reading…..  Get a few tips…. Apply on a habitual basis…  Make up the deficiencies…. Restore them to health…. Cover up the imperfection…. and wow! Craft them Truly Inviting, Deliciously Sweet & Unforgettably kissable.

 You Lips Are Delicate

You require lips to kiss. And your Lips are essentially skin. Your lips have 1/3 thinner skin than the normal skin. It is unlike your regular skin. It is softer and movable too.  Aging loosens our skin. Slowly, the capacity of our skin tissues to preserve wetness also starts thinning. External factors like heat, cold, dryness and sun also damage our skin.

And the not so good news is that your lips have no oil gland that obviously implies – no natural lubrication. Even more, there are no sweat glands to regulate the lips’ temperature. Since the lip skin has no oil production of its own and is thin, it is the first one to show dryness, irritation, redness, cracks, peeling, splitting, hardness, chipping, flaking and bruises. You lips lose their softness and the comfort the fastest.

So women, you need to do some action yourself. Here are a few things you should know about your lips and how to care for them.

Soften Your Lips To Make Every Single Kiss A Special One

chapped lips treatment
chapped lips treatment

The Toothpaste Method

  • The toothpaste that you brush your tooth daily with is a lubricant. After brushing the teeth, don’t rinse off the toothpaste left on it.
  • Brush your lips extremely lightly with a soft flexible toothbrush with the toothpaste as lubricant.
  • Maintain the movement light and soft, moving in circles.
  • After a while, you will start sensing your lips smoother.
  • When that happens, it is time to rinse off the toothpaste from your lips.
  • Dress your now-cleaned lips with a liberal coating of lip-balm – unflavored and absolutely with no phenol or camphor.

Moisturizer Method

  • Brush your teeth before going to Bed.
  • Apply moisturizer on the lips and around the borders.
  • Massage smoothly, light and soft on the skin in a circular motion till the moisturizer penetrates and vanishes into your lip skin.
  • Apply some more, progressing the light circular motion till it blends.
  • Get some more moisturizer and apply lavishly to the lips skin.
  • Let it live all night on your lucky lips.
  • Wake up in the morning and say “Good Morning” to a pair of softer healthier lips.

Petroleum Jelly Method

  • Spread a thin layer of Vaseline on your lips.
  • Take some hot water.
  • Soak a folded cotton cloth in water for a couple of minutes.
  • Squeeze the water out.
  • Press the hot cloth in between your lips.
  • Repeat after a couple of minutes.
  • The dead skin will become softer.
  • Massage (soft scrub) tenderly with the cloth all over to clear the dead skin.
  • Exfoliating (rubbing the dead skin cells off) your lips, will leave them smooth and better.
  • Splash a thin layer of Vaseline and let it be there overnight to do its good job.
  • Limit to not more than once a week.

 Homemade Sugar and Olive Oil Method

  • It is simple, speedy, inexpensive, efficient and all natural.
  • Mix Sugar & Olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is preferred. “Extra VirginOlive Oil” means that the oil is produced by physical means and was not chemically treated. It also maintains less than 0.8% acidity. If extra virgin olive oil is not available, it is okay.
  • Press the hot cloth in between your lips.
  • Repeat after a couple of minutes.

Women! your lucky lips deserve that exceptional care and attention to keep them soft, sweet & always kissable

Water Water Water – 6-8 glasses every day. Keep you drinking water glass or bottle handy. A sip every 30 minutes will do the trick.

  • For GOD’s sake, STOP licking your lips now.
  • No lip biting, women.
  • Brushed your teeth, apply lip-balm now. Place the tube next to your tooth paste. In sight – in use.
  • Going to sleep, pick up that moisturizer tube. Your lips need some of it in the night.
  • Beetroot juice applied to your lips in the night may help some of you get those naturally pink lips.
  • Soak several rose petals in moisturizer for a few hours. Grind to make smooth paste. Apply on your lips to get that perfect feel.
  • Include cucumber and carrot in your daily diet.
  • Winter in – keep the moisturizer tube handy for the lips.
  • Lemon juice reduces the blackness if your lips have gone black.
  • Petroleum jelly is easily available – and it helps.
  • Massage your lips with mint juice or coriander leaf juice everyday will keep them soft, smooth and rosy.
  • Do not use Lipstick testers on the lips.
  • Strictly include foods rich in vitamin B like meat, fish, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, beans your daily diet.
  • Never buy only one lip-balm. Buy many so that you get on at the time and place whenever you need to apply some.
  • Buy lipstick tubes with moisturizer. Read for ingredients on the pack.
  • No chap sticks for your lips, please…
  • Vitamin E oil acts wonders on chapped and cracked lips. It nurses your lips back to health turning them soft, smooth, moist and kissable overnight.
  • Blend some honey with brown sugar. Apply the paste to lips and massage light. Honey will make the lips fleshy and the sugar will improve smoothness.
  • Don’t brush your teeth terribly. They need not to be CLEANED but only polished gently if done regularly and twice a day.
  • Lip butter works wonders on some women’s lips. It penetrates deep into your lip skin and conditions them naturally.
  • Rip a pin hole in a vitamin E Capsule. Push out liquid and massage your lips to rejuvenate the lip skin.
  • Hold some ice to your skin for a couple of minutes repeatedly.
  • Olive oil is good for the lip skin. Take a little quantity of extra virgin olive oil on the tip of your fingers and massage on your lips. It softens your lips giving you a silky-smooth sensation. If your skin is over sensitive, do not use on a regular basis.
  • Drinking excessive tea or coffee will cause your lips to go black. Excessive smoking also turns your lips black.
  • Honey with Vaseline or coconut oil applied overnight will make your lips sweet, attractive, inviting and kissable.
best lip treatment
best lip treatment

You deserve to have the softest lips for that perfect unforgettable kiss…

Did I say? “Honey Lips”


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