Beauty secrets for the modern woman

  1. Say goodbye to refined foods. Among the most effective ways to stay as beautiful as ever is to avoid consuming refined or processed foods. Such foods can rub you off vital nutrients that are required by your body, which could make your skin look dull. Besides that, they can also get you constipated.
  2. Raw food is much better. Consuming raw foods means not overcooking your meals. Such practice enhances your beauty, because raw foods are full of vitamins, enzymes and various other nutrients that can care for your skin and hair. In addition to that, it has been proven that raw foods can make wrinkles and age spots much less evident.
  3. First thing to do in the morning. It is ideal that when you get up in the morning, consume a glass of water, and eat a piece of your favorite fruit. This ensures that your skin is effectively hydrated, and the fruit helps in preserving its radiance. Furthermore, such a practice can help you maintain your weight, or lose some.
  4. Preventing grey hair. Using oil for your hair can help in protecting against grey hair. However, to make it a lot more efficient add a few drops of rosemary essential oil to it. Apart from this, you can also consume a teaspoon of curry leaf chutney at least every other day, considering that it has ingredients which can strengthen the cells that form the pigmentation from within.
  5. Seal your nail polish. A nail polish that is shiny and glossy offers a beautiful sight. Therefore, it is ideal to prevent scratches and peeling by applying a top layer over your nail polish. By applying a top layer to seal the nail polish, you can prolong its charm up to 7 days. Hence, it is ideal that you prevent it from scratches and peeling by applying a top layer over your nail polish.
  6. Practice a morning skin care regimen. Adhering to a skin care routine each morning can help a lot in preserving your charm. A normal routine to follow involves removing all dirt from your skin using a deep cleanser, and rinsing it with water; applying a mild moisturizing cream; and, applying some face powder to control oil accumulation.
  7. Using cream or lotion as skin cleanser. Cleansing your skin on a regular fashion is important in preserving its charm. However, it is best to use cream or lotion cleanser to do this, because it won’t remove the natural oil from your skin that protects it. Don’t use anything that can dry out your skin, since it can become vulnerable to bacteria and cellular damages.
  8. Using rosewater as toner. Using rosewater as your toner offers lots of benefits. In addition to maintaining the radiant looks of your skin, rosewater contains compounds, which can additionally preserve your skin’s moisture. Furthermore, it is also an excellent remedy that you can use if you have allergic skin or to treat sunburn.
  9. Get sufficient sleep. Getting sufficient rest is among the most essential things to do, when it pertains to preserving your charm. You need to have at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night; and, it is ideal that you are already asleep by 10 at night, so as to optimize the gain from your full night’s sleep.
  10. Consume adequate quantities of water. To preserve your beauty, you need to have a skin that has excellent moisture. To attain that, you need to consume at least 8 glasses of water each day. Apart from flushing out harmful toxic substances from your body, it can also eliminate excess heat. On top of that, adequate quantities of water can also help you maintain your weight, and prevent bowel irregularity.
  11. Consume milk every day. Consuming milk is among the most effective things that you can do in order to preserve your charm. When you consume milk daily, you provide your body with vital nutrients to strengthen your hair and bones. Other than that, it can also make your skin look younger, improve your health and the looks of your eyes.
  12. Refrigerate toners and floral waters during summer season. Toners and floral water can help you freshen up, particularly during the warmer months. Therefore, it is ideal that you keep them inside the fridge during the summer season, to ensure that you can utilize them cold. To feel rejuvenated, you can always spray your face with it.
  13. Never pick pimples. Having lots of pimples on your face can impact your beauty. Therefore, you don’t want it to multiply. Picking your pimples is in fact among the important things that can make you have even more of them. This is due to the fact that pricking it can spread the infection even more. Besides, it can also damage your skins tissue cells around the pimple.
  14. Exfoliate your hands weekly. Having hands that are soft and smooth would certainly add more to your already gorgeous image. To attain that, you need to exfoliate your hands once a week, using a natural exfoliating liquid. Use it in light circular motions, so as to gently massage your skin.
  15. Fix your yellow nails. Yellow nails are not something that you can be proud off. Therefore, if you have them, you can just use a homemade bleaching bath for it. All you need to do is to blend adequate lemon juice and rose petals into a bowl of clean water, and dip your hands into it. After undergoing that procedure, apply a moisturizing lotion or cream to boost the outcomes.
  16. Replace candies and chocolates with fresh fruits. Among the many weaknesses of some individuals is to crave for sweets, which can influence their beauty. Hence, rather than consuming candies, and various other food products that are full of sugar, you must consume fresh fruits. Foods that have high sugar content can expand your pores, besides the truth that it can make you put on weight
  17. Have a facial once a month. Undergoing facial monthly can provide you with lots of benefits. Some of which include collagen and elastin recuperation, enhance the circulation of blood in blood vessels, level your skin shade, boost hydration, and improve skin complexion. It can also make your skin soft and glowing.
  18. Keep your make-up simple and light every day. It is always best to reveal people your natural beauty. You can attain this by keeping your make-up as simple and light every day. When you do that, you also prevent skin damages, which is among the results of using heavy make-up on a regular basis.
  19. Using lip balm. Remember that preserving the condition of your lips can also enhance your charm. To do that, it is always best to carry a lip balm anywhere you go. Lip balm can prevent your lips from drying. Due to that, it is among the very best means to prevent or cure lip chapping. With the ideal type of lip balm, it can also soften your lips.
  20. Be gentle with your skin near your eyes. The skin under your eyes is among the most delicate parts of your body. Therefore, it is ideal that you are gentle with it. You must not pull or stretch it, because it would definitely show, and influence your appearance. With regular pulling and stretching in that part of your face, it can look wrinkled or saggy in no time at all.
  21. Be conscious of your weight. Among the many things that can influence your beauty and charm is your weight. Therefore, it is ideal that you keep a close watch to it. Whether you obtain or shed excessive of it, you start to have problems in properly fitting your clothes. Therefore, it is best to maintain your weight at a suitable level, to ensure that you look fit and healthy at all times.
  22. Do not go to the kitchen frequently. If you intend to avoid having bouts and rounds of acne infection, you must stay clear of going to the cooking area, particularly when someone is cooking. You need to remember that there is oil drifting around cooking area, when it is heated. As a result, if you visit it lots of times in a day, accumulating oil on your skin, which is bad news.
  23. Reduce stress and anxiety. Whenever you are stressed, it really shows on your eyes, the expression of your face, along with your skin. Actually, stress and anxiety can additionally cause pimples. Therefore, you must reduce stress and anxiety as much as possible. You can do that by taking deep breaths whenever you experience stressful situations. Other than that, it is also best to adhere to various other healthy practices.
  24. Stay clear of oily foods. When you consume foods that are loaded with oil, it ultimately gets accumulated, which can cause weight gain. Gaining weight can change your figure, besides the truth that it can put you at risk to a number of diseases. Furthermore, oily foods are also among leading root causes of pimples.
  25. Keep your hands off your face. If you want to avoid acnes to influence your image, you must keep your hands off your face. Remember that your hands to touch a lot of things like cell phone, keys and the currency notes, which may contain dirt and bacteria. When you touch your face often, you may aggravate it. Hence, touch your face only when you need to, and preferably with washed hand.
  26. Avoid the sun. Exposing yourself to the sunlight can irritate your skin, which can result in having pimples. Besides that, it can also cause dry skin. Therefore, it is best to remain in the shade in most parts of the day. If you actually need to go out, it is best to use a high quality sun block product.
  27. Get help with serious acne. There are times when acne can strike without warning. If you do have serious acne, you must not think twice in getting help for it. See a dermatologist immediately, to put a stop to it, and live a life with healthy and acne free skin.
  28. Try one product at a time. To treat acne or any other skin condition, you may tend to use various types of products simultaneously. As opposed to doing that, you must try one product at a time, so as to give it an opportunity to work. Besides that, it is best to concentrate on a trustworthy product, than applying different ones, because using too many of them may irritate your skin even more.
  29. Wear the appropriate clothing. You need to remember that the way you dress up yourself can have a significant influence on the way you look. Therefore, see to it that you wear clothes that fit your beauty. Besides, you must wear comfortable apparel, to ensure that you have the ability to move freely, and be yourself.
  30. Be careful of what you apply on your hair. When you apply certain things on your hair, such as gel, hairspray, or mousse, you must do it moderately. This is because; using it exceedingly can irritate your scalp. Besides, if you have long hair, and it continuously rubs against your face, it can also cause acne infection.
  31. Adjust your beauty regimen for summer as well as spring. Being beautiful means that you are wearing the appropriate kinds of apparel for the appropriate season. Therefore, you have to become a lot more familiar of the clothing trends for various seasons. Apart from that, unlike summertime, during the spring season, your skin needs less protection; hence, it is best to put on lighter make-up for that time of the year.
  32. Apply avocado or coconut oil on your hair during winter months. During the winter season, due to the fact that it is too cold, it can leave your hair dry. Besides, it can also become brittle, which can cause split ends. Therefore, it is best to apply avocado or coconut oil on it, to ensure that it has good moisture.
  33. Inspect your vanity case annually. Every year, you must open and check your vanity case. Draw out all the things that it contains, so that you can see every single thing that you have. Inspecting it appropriately would enable you to discard those items that are about to expire, and buy newer ones for you to use for the following year.
  34. Take care of your hair brushes. You need to clean your hair brushes on a regular basis, in order to preserve the health and wellness of your hair. Remember that whenever you use your hair brush while you are outdoors, it accumulates dust or dirt. Therefore, if you won’t clean it, you could be returning back the dust it has accumulated when you use it after taking a bath, because your hair is wet.
  35. Avoid shampooing or washing your hair every day. Although washing your hair and shampooing it daily means that it would also smell fantastic, it may not be good for your scalp. Frequent shampooing and washing can in fact result in dry scalp. When that happens, your hair would also appear dry, and it might even cause dandruff.
  36. Cut your hair every 6 to 8 weeks. It is always an excellent idea to cut your hair regularly, such as on a monthly basis, or at least every 6 to 8 weeks. Cutting it can ensure appropriate hair growth, hence, improving its shine, apart from preventing the occurrence of split ends.
  37. How to condition oily hair effectively? Avoid applying a conditioner directly to the roots of your oily hair. This is because; it can make your oily hair oilier. Therefore, it is best to apply conditioner around the point where your hair meets your ears, and up to its tips.
  38. Stay clear of shampoo or hair products that contain sulfates. It is always best to look at the label of the shampoo that you are about to buy from the store or supermarket. This way, you can avoid products that contain sulfates. Sulfates are harsh to your hair, which can dry up its cuticle.
  39. Make it a practice to remove make-up before going to bed. Whenever you go to parties or events, and you anticipate that on returning you will be too sleepy to remove your make-up before you sleep, it is best not to apply make-up at all. Leaving make-up on your skin for the night can dry up your skin. Besides, it can also irritate it, which can result in acne.
  40. Get rid of dead skin with using an exfoliate product. Accumulated dead skin can cause your skin to get irritated, inflamed or dried up. Therefore, it is best to remove it, using an exfoliate product. Just limit the procedure for 2 or 3 times in a week though, because some exfoliating products may contain compounds that can dry your skin.
  41. Learn to make your curls last longer. If you like to curl up your hair periodically using a curling iron, you probably desire it to last longer. To attain that, ensure that your hair is completely dry when you are about to begin the procedure. Don’t use the curling iron for too long though, because it can dry your hair.
  42. Stay clear of allergenic compounds to stay clear of antihistamines. If you are allergic to foundation, you must not use it heavily during allergy seasons. Remember when you have allergic reactions, you need to take antihistamines to gain control over it. Antihistamines can in fact dry your skin. Hence it is best to stay clear of allergenic things.
  43. Using blotting papers in order to handle oil accumulation. To prevent accumulating excessive oil on your face, use blotting papers to manage it. Apart from being effective in taking care of oil accumulation, blotting papers can also help you clean up your skin around your eyes and highlight it.
  44. Reapply sun blocks every couple of hours. When you buy sun block lotions or creams, you may come across products, which suggests that it can last for the entire day. However, most of the times, they only last for 2 to 3 hours. Therefore, it is best to reapply it every 2 hours, particularly if you are going to be exposed to sun for the entire day.
  45. Deal with acne quicker with tea tree oil. An excellent way to deal with acnes is to apply tea tree oil. It in fact contains elements, which can accelerate the healing process. Besides, applying the oil can also make you look like you don’t have acne. Hence, it can help you a whole lot if you are on your way to a party or event.
  46. How to prevent flaky mascara? Using flaky or half-cracked mascara is something that you don’t wish to experience. To prevent it, you must use mascara that you have just purchased recently, because being flaky is usually caused by being too old. Besides purchasing a new one, ensure to close it after using, so that it retains its moisture.
  47. What to do prior to blow drying your hair? To make sure that your hair attains more body, you need to apply a little quantity of gel. By doing that, it lifts your hair to some extent to provide it the look that you desire. Place the blow dryer in medium level though, so that you won’t dry your hair excessive and make it look dull.
  48. If you have curly hair, use your fingers to brush out your curls. This is among the most effective things that you can do in order to attain a tousled look for your curly hair. Apart from that, it can also ensure that your curls would fit, which enhances the shine, luster and charm of your locks. Furthermore, it also makes your curls bigger.
  49. Measure two fingers from your nose when it pertains to where you intend to apply the blush on. While applying your blush on, it is best to keep it around two fingers apart from your nose. This is to make sure that your cheeks get highlighted the way you want it to be. Besides, it also accentuates other desirable features you have.

    makeup tips and tricks for a natural look
    makeup tips and tricks for a natural look
  50. Use a conditioning treatment to prevent hair colors from fading. Among the important things that you don’t want to occur is to see your hair color fading too quickly, particularly in summertime. To ensure that it won’t happen, use a conditioning treatment after coloring your hair. Do it every week or at least every other month to ensure that it works.
  51. Keep your make-up at minimal during the summer season. During summer season, although it is best to put more protection on your skin, it is still best to keep it at minimal levels. Doing it ensures that your skin won’t get irritated or inflamed easily. Apart from that, it also enhances your looks, when it is sunny outside.
  52. Keep your eyes cool – Keeping your eyes cool, particularly during warmer months, can have lots of positive results on your beauty. It can provide you relief from stress and anxiety, besides taking care of dark circles. To attain that, use cotton pads dipped in cucumber juice and place it on your eyes.
  53. Pick the appropriate lipstick to match your hair, eyes, and skin. Selecting the appropriate shade of lipstick brightens your skin and eyes. Therefore, choice needs to be done appropriately, which may involve a series of trials and errors. Take a friend accompanying you in buying your lipstick, so that she can also help you out with it.
  54. How to revitalize curls during the day? If you love to have curls, and you want it to last longer. Fortunately, you can do something to revitalize it. Use pomade; apply it on your hair with your palms. Scrunch just a little, in order to attain the results that you want.
  55. How to appropriately utilize a flat iron to straighten your hair? In using a flat iron, you need to keep in mind that it uses heat to straighten your hair. Hence, the longer you use it, the more damaging it can be for your hair. It is best to air dry your hair prior to you using the flat iron. This way you will minimize exposing your hair to the heat.
  56. Take a vitamin supplement with biotin in it. Taking a vitamin supplement improves your health and wellness, along with the beauty of your hair. However, if you want to ensure that you are taking something that can improve hair growth, pick one that contains biotin. Biotin makes hair grow faster and healthier.
  57. How to cover split ends successfully? Already on your way to a party and you just realized that you got split ends, there is something you can do to conceal it. All you need to do is to straighten the ends with a flat iron, and apply a hair cream or lotion. Don’t forget that cutting the ends is also another option that you can consider.
  58. How to pick the appropriate foundation? Selecting the appropriate shade of foundation can be complicated to some women. All you really need to do is to simply pick one that has a shade, closest to your skin color. To ensure that it is, you can always apply some on your jaw line, and compare it to the color of your neck. This provides you the assistance you need, whether you need to pick lighter or darker ones.
  59. Prevent fungal infection on your feet. Fungal infection on people’s feet, which smells bad, can be rather usual during summertime. This is due to the fact that the heat can make feet perspire a lot more. To make sure that this does not happen to you, you need to wash your feet often, and see to it that they are actually dry before wearing your footwear. It is much better if you wear open footwear not the closed ones, during this time of the year. If you cannot wear open footwear, use any antifungal powder after drying your feet.
  60. How to appropriately select natural beauty products. It is a good idea to purchase natural beauty products, because they don’t contain toxic chemicals. However, you need to also see to it that the product you are purchasing is actually natural. To guarantee that this holds true, pick only those that are accredited and licensed by a federal government agency, as real natural.
  61. Precautions after using a hair conditioning mask? When you use a hair conditioning mask, it can actually open the hair cuticles. To ensure that your hair cuticles are closed after using the mask, all you need to do is to rinse with cold water. Cold water can in fact close your skin pores, along with the hair cuticles.
  62. Use clarifying shampoo to maintain the health and wellness of your hair and scalp. It is not unusual for a woman to use certain hair care products for the entire week, particularly when reporting for work or going to parties or events. Due to that, these products can leave certain chemicals on your hair and scalp, which may eventually damage it. To remove such substances from your hair, use a clarifying shampoo at the end of the week.
  63. What to do with a chipped nail polish. If your nail polish has chipped, if you still have time, you can always visit the parlor to get it fixed. Because they are the professionals, you can entrust your nail gloss to them. However, if you don’t have time for that, you can actually add glitters on top of it, in order to hide the chip from the public.
  64. How to prevent unwanted eye bags? When the area just below your eyes appears puffed, you do not want to go out with your friends because of it. Nevertheless, to ensure that it does not happen again, make sure that that area is always appropriately moisturized, and rarely disturbed. | Apart from that getting adequate sleep can also prevent it successfully.
  65. Exfoliate your ingrown hair. Having ingrown hairs is not just unpleasant, but it can also be painful. To fix it, you can actually exfoliate, so that you are able to get rid of the dead cells. In addition to that, it also helps the ingrown hair to ultimately return to its normal growth.
  66. When to apply creams or lotions. Creams and Lotions can help you provide the moisture needed by your skin. Best time to apply them after taking a bath. This is due to the fact that bathing can actually wash out the natural oil from your skin. Therefore, when you apply the cream or lotion, it helps your skin in restoring back its natural oil and moisture.
  67. Keep hair color as vibrant as possible! Nowadays a new hair color can be expensive. Hence, it is best to preserve the vibrant look of your hair color for as long as possible. To attain that, you can simply use shampoos and conditioners, which are made for hair that has been colored. Ensure to pick top quality products, so that you are benefited from them.
  68. Use a concealer to conceal blemishes. Whenever you have a pimple that you intend to conceal, you can always take advantage of a concealer for it. Besides pimples though, you can also use it for any skin blemishes. Just pick a concealer that comes from a trusted company, so that you can be assured of its effectiveness.
  69. Cleansers are far better to use on face than soaps! When it concerns caring for your face, it is far better to use cleansers for it. Cleansers are in fact gentler to your skin, and they can prevent breakouts. Hence, you have much healthier skin, use cleansers for your face, and soap for your body.
  70. Wearing sunglasses to prevent wrinkles on your face. If you are anticipating exposure to the sunlight for the most parts of the day, you need to put on sunglasses. A good pair of sunglasses would not just take good care of your eyes, but it can also protect against wrinkles. This is because, without it, the sunshine can force you to squint, which can cause wrinkles.
  71. How to effectively get rid of blackheads. Blackheads are unpleasant, which is why it is a good idea to remove them. You need to see to it though that you are doing it correctly, using nose strips. Squeezing it, or pressing your skin to remove the blackheads, would just irritate that part of your face, which can make it appear red, or cause pimples.
  72. Don’t forget to clean your ears regularly. It is always best to maintain the cleanliness of your ears. However, you don’t have to do it every day, because it can irritate your ear drums, whenever you use the q-tip. Just do it every 3 days, after taking a bath, to get rid of the ear wax.
  73. Stay clear of skin products that contain lots of alcohol. When you use certain skin products, whether it is for your face, your hands, or legs, stay clear of using those that contain lots of alcohol. This is due to the fact that alcohol can dry your skin, and make it look dull. Therefore, make sure to check the labels before buying such products.
  74. Applying toothpaste on your pimples! When you have pimples, one of the best treatments for it is in fact to apply toothpaste on your pimples topically. Just see to it that the toothpaste is very strong. Toothpastes can dry the pimple, which is why it can help in removing it.
  75. Visit your dentist routinely to have a wonderful smile. Having a wonderful smile is one of the essentials to look beautiful. Therefore, you must see your dentist routinely, in order to properly maintain the health of your teeth. Apart from that, if there is something that needs to be done, your dentist would promptly inform you about it.
  76. Apply teeth whitening products to enhance the color of your teeth. There are in fact lots of products today, which you can take advantage of to improve the color of your teeth. These whitening products are available in the form of toothpastes, while others are in strips. Besides, there are various other procedures, which can offer you the results in a much faster manner.
  77. Brush and floss your teeth regularly to preserve its health and wellness. Brushing your teeth on a regular basis, would ensure that it is free from food particles, which can cause it to decay. However, brushing may not suffice; therefore, it is best that besides brushing, you should also floss your teeth regularly.
  78. Use all-natural hair products to preserve the volume of your hair. There are lots of all-natural hair products today, which can help you preserve the volume of your hair. Some of them are full of coconut oil, while some with Aloe Vera. Remember though, that you can also have your own Aloe Vera plant in your home, so that you simply use it rather than buying hair care products.
  79. Ask for a hot oil therapy often. Whether you get a haircut from time to time or otherwise, it is best to undergo a hot oil therapy often. Hot oil enhances the fullness of your hair. Apart from that, it can also protect against dandruff, and preserve your scalp’s moisture.
  80. Never substitute conditioner for shampoo. Some people assume that using a conditioner can be more beneficial than using a shampoo. On the contrary, it is actually the opposite, because using a conditioner without shampooing can make your hair look greasier. Hence, a conditioner must not be deemed an alternative to shampoo.
  81. Do not shampoo your hair for more than once in a day. Some people believe that the more they cleanse their hair, the better it is, and then people shampoo for more than once in a day. This is in fact not a good practice, since it can dry your hair and your scalp. When that happens, your hair look dull, and it might even cause dandruff.
  82. Do not hesitate to change your hairstyle once in a while. Changing your hairstyle once in a while is in fact good, because it provides people a glimpse of the various sides of you. Besides, it also gives you an opportunity to actually determine the sort of hairstyle that would suit you best, in terms of comfort and looks.
  83. Use some hair color if your hair is getting grey. If your hair is getting grey, there is no need to be ashamed in dyeing it. Dyeing your hair makes you look younger. However, you should pick something that is not too harsh for it. Besides, after applying the hair color, you should apply conditioner, to help make up for the lost moisture and oil.
  84. Wash off mousse, gel, or any other hair products before going to bed. Before you call it a day, it is always best to get rid of any kind of hair products that you have applied. This is due to the fact that mousse, gels, or any other things that you use to style your hair, can irritate your scalp when allowed to remain overnight. In addition to that, they can also cause pimples
  85. Cut your fingernails regularly. Cutting your nails is good not just for your hygiene but also for your beauty. However, it is ideal that you cut them in consistent lengths. Apart from that, see to it that you know how to shape them perfectly, so that they look trendy.
  86. Put on gloves in the winter season. During colder months, you may see that your hands get dried. To prevent dry and calloused hands, you must wear gloves, especially when you go out of the house. Besides, you can also soak your hands in warm water with olive oil for 5 minutes.
  87. Always wear clean socks. When you put on socks, make sure that they are clean. Wearing dirty socks is very unhygienic. Besides, they can also make your feet dirty. Furthermore, dirty socks can also cause bad odor from your feet.
  88. Pick clothes that fit you comfortably. Wearing clothes that are either too tight or too big for you is not a good idea. It can make you uncomfortable and awkward, which can influence the way you carry yourself. Thus, before going out of the house, ensure that you are wearing something that perfectly fits you.
  89. Wash your clothes regularly, however do it carefully. Washing your clothes after wearing them regularly should be done, not just for hygiene, but also to make sure that they are preserved well. However, it is best to check the kind of materials they are made off, so that you can apply the appropriate kind of washing aids. If you are not aware about it, you may end up with clothes that are cleaned, but are no longer in good shape.
  90. Pick an outfit that complements your complexion. Use outfits that have colors that flatter your complexion. For instance, if you have fair skin, it may not be a good idea to put on an all-black outfit. Besides, when you incorporate certain colors, you must also make sure that they all match perfectly.
  91. Highlight the color of your eyes by putting on the appropriate color of shirts or t-shirts. Don’t forget that you can also consider your eyes as an aspect, when it pertains to picking the color you wear. For instance, if you have blue eyes, wearing something blue, may it be your shirt, t-shirt, pants, or socks, would undoubtedly highlight them.
  92. If you intend to have a pet dog, pick one that does not shed off its fur too much. Lots of people are allergic to animal dander, and if you are one of them, it is best to select a pet that does not shed excessive fur. You can also avoid your clothes from looking like they have fur growing out from them, by using a dust roller.
  93. Use products that are made for anti-aging, however choose carefully. There are lots of anti-aging skincare treatment products available in the market today. Using them prevents wrinkles, blemishes, and such on. However, make sure to pick high quality products, so that you are assured of their efficiency along with your safety.
  94. Prevent bad breath by controlling what you consume. Remember there are certain foods that can cause bad breath, such as onions and garlic. In addition to bad breath, they can also have some adverse effects on your body odor, and gas. Hence, it is best to consume them only when you are staying at home.
  95. Exercise regularly. Among the most effective means to avoid gaining weight is to get sufficient exercise. However, there is no need to undergo strenuous ones. Just doing regular cardio regimens helps a lot, such as swimming, jogging, biking, and walking. Make sure to integrate it with an effective diet program, so that you can reach your objectives.
  96. Consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Consuming lots of fresh fruits and vegetables would ensure that your skin is well hydrated. Besides, they are filled with dietary fiber; you can also maintain your weight more effectively. Fiber suppresses your appetite in a natural way, and it can also help your body in flushing out harmful toxins.
  97. Eat multiple times in a day but in lesser portions. If you actually need to lose weight, rather than eating only 3 times in day, increase it to 5 times, but be mindful of the portions. Eating more times can actually boost your metabolic rate, which can promote burning more fats and calories. You need to make sure that you are consuming lesser quantities of foods each time though, so that you won’t put on weight.
  98. Increase your everyday physical activities to lose weight. If you don’t want to exercise, yet you need to lose weight, there are various other things that you can do to attain your objective. Apart from dieting, you can lose weight by increasing your everyday physical activities. Such activities are walking towards the grocery store or supermarket, parking your vehicle blocks away from your workplace, using the stairs rather than the elevator, and such.

    everyday physical activities to lose weight
    everyday physical activities to lose weight
  99. Adhere to a healthy and balanced diet plan. Having a healthy and balanced diet means that you provide your body with the nutrients that it needs, such as protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. When you have adequate amounts of these nutrients, you are able to maintain a more glowing skin, better body figure, and much healthier hair.
  100. Eat slower. When you eat in a slower pace, you end up with lesser quantities of food in your stomach. This is because, your body takes a certain amount of time to send a signal to your brain that it is already full. Hence, when you eat slower, you feel that you are already satisfied, even when you have not consumed the usual quantity of foods that you eat yet.
  101. Don’t starve to lose weight. In losing weight, there are certain diet programs, which are rather restrictive, in which they make you starve to attain your goals. When you starve yourself, such as going through fasting, your body may experience a state, in which it reduces your metabolic rate. Besides, even if you lose weight through it, you look saggy for losing moisture.


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