Personalize that Candle, be Imaginative!

“It is far better to light one little candle than to stumble in the dark …” this is one of the oldest children songs we usually hear about candles. Candles, what are they for?

With time, the uses of candles have been changing. For some countries, they are used for worship. These can always be found in churches, temples and various other places of worship. To give them the “symbolic” touch; Cakes come with candles too. This makes them as part of ceremonies such as inauguration, start of activities and so on.

Be Stylish, Customize That Light.

Easy as it is, making candles needs you to adhere to a couple of steps and you can achieve the finished product that you visualized in your mind. Candles can be made in a lot of ways. It could be by using simple quick steps from the internet or some more complex techniques recommended by your neighbor who is into candle making.

Today, candle industry is a part of a growing industry. It’s making it big on the market especially the “Gel candles”.

What makes gel candles so popular for costumers? Well, since it is made of mineral oil and plastic polymer, it lasts long and in fact, it is so easy to make. At home, one can try making these gel candles without too much hassles and expenditures.

Whatever it is, infusing some of your own innovative ideas that will make a whole lot of difference. What then are some tools to make gel candles with your own brand of style?

As you follow the conventional steps of making gel candles, it adds up the fun if you consider the following tips:

Use other materials that let you have fun, explore your creativity while adding more aspects of style. Non-flammable things like sand, shells, metal charms, beads, marbles, pebbles, glitters, aquarium gravel, artificial jewel or pearls, and so on are amongst the most attractive things to have in your gel candle.

Add colors that match the little things you include in your gel candle. Use aqua blue while you put some shells, aquarium pebbles or gravel and miniature star fish in your candle, for that touch of “beach”. You could also match the style you intend to customize by mixing beads with glitters however consider color consistency as well.

Place some of these little objects at the bottom part of the container before freely putting them in the other sections of the container. This hides the wick tab.

Add these tiny objects in layers, as you pour gel. Keep in mind that you need to position these objects away from the wick. The tip is- the more “visible” they could be, the closer these objects to the outside portion of the container.

As you make the candles, you take pleasure in the fact that you are playing with colors and style. Gel candles are created out of pure pleasure and fun. Personalizing these gel candles is another great idea. You could use cut-outs of your name.

As you insert your own brand of style, do not forget to work safely and do not run the risk of quality of the product over appearance. There must be a balance of both. When you feel like you have been training yourself well in making customized gel candles, why not try it out as a small business?

Adhere to the steps listed below to make your own candle:

  1. Find a container that best holds into form the candle you have in mind. Ensure that you using non-flammable containers. Use glass if available, they can show the gel.
  2. Have the wick like about 1.5 inches from the sides and dribble a spot of hot glue on the bottom of the container you are using.
  3. Stick the wink on the hot glue; let it cool for a couple of minutes. Don’t use cotton as core wick; zinc is the most effective option.
  4. For the gel, cut the gel wax into small parts or cubes and put it into a container and heat it up. See to it that the heat is not too much or too less. 200 Fahrenheit makes it melt well.
  5. Maintain the recommended temperature level till the wax melts and turn into a smooth and a bit thick liquid. For more attractive impacts, you can use colors that create a better effect to the product.
  6. Do not use colors that make the gel lose its transparency. Ignore using water-based and paste dyes as a combination. They do not complement each other’s constituents.
  7. Pour 1/4 of essential oil or gel scent for more effects that makes the candle “marketable”. While pouring such, add more wax cubes if there is a “cloudy” effect on the liquid.
  8. Fragrances you use must be alcohol-free.
  9. When you are about to pour the candle liquid in a container, set a level mark and see to it that the liquid doesn’t pass over it.
  10. Make it a point to preheat the container (150 degrees Fahrenheit). This lessens the existence of bubbles that may ruin the form of the finished product.
  11. Pull up the wick and make sure that it rises in the center of the candle. Let the candle cool down for 3-4 hours. Trim the wick at about 1/4 inch.

These steps are so simple to adhere to. You do not need to let go of your money every time you need candles at home. You can pour out your very own creativity and put a personal touch in the candles you use. This can be an excellent past time or hobby as well as a means to cost-cutting. In the long run, this might be a wonderful beginning for setting up your very own candle business.

With a low capital and your determination to succeed, you may have the heart of an entrepreneur underneath your chest.

Fragrant or odorless? Both!

significance and power of praying with candles
significance and power of praying with candles

No occasion could select how “votives” can actually create that special effect. They can truly be a wonderful gift item for any special day or any special person. With them, you can express your thoughts and express them through the most silent words. The light from them are undeniably relaxing.

How much more if you try researching online? When you find the answers, you would be more than satisfied.

Do you intend to take advantage of your creativity? It is time to get that beeswax from used candles, find some basic and shallow containers and get your hands working for some votives.

With the variety of style and the versatile sizes all set to be used at their best in whatever occasion, votives are truly worth any amount of money you spend. When you desire to have the experience of the best votives finding out means or researching, are the answer and it could be source of your very own creative ideas as well.

Did you know that votives were in fact made for some moments you share with those people who passed away, especially your loved ones? Now, they became a lot more popular and the objective for using them is not as narrow as it used to be. Paraffin wax is the most common wax used for traditional votives.

It makes this type of candle last for a long time compared to various other types. It something that could actually depend on whenever you need a long-lasting performance from candles. Votives would undoubtedly be the best choice for you when all you desire is to enjoy that spark of light as you add the mood to a certain occasion.

Generally, votive candles are used for different purposes be it fragrant votives or odorless. Fragrant votives could be used with your own objective in mind. They can give that sensual effect to any place in your house that you choose as a venue for any type of gathering or celebration.

When it pertains to odorless votives, they are in demand for churches and other spiritual activities.

When you need votives, there are a lot of them be it colored and scented, you can find them on numerous websites. However, you have to be extremely cautious in comparing the products.  Otherwise, you can learn online how you can start making votives. You may be surprised of your own efforts.

For that perfect mood as you have tea

Are you a tea-lover? A cup of tea with friends is not just a great way for bonding but this is also a healthy means especially in these modern times. Well, there are these little things that might really lift the spirit of a café or perhaps just a table of two integrating lovers. Do you know what are they? They are tea light candles. These candles are what you need in keeping a tea moment worth your time.

Tea light candles are these tiny works of candle artistry that you may want to have in your own chosen places for they are surely going to transform the mood for serenity, romance, and relaxation. There are a lot of wonderful things you could get from these tiny yet valuable candles.

Small but useful as they are, you can get them at 1 to 2 inches in diameter and 1 to 1 and a half when it pertains to height. They are available in packages ranging from a few numbers of pieces to a hundred. This is a wonderful choice for you to choose from. You can think of the number of candles you need and in response to your needs and your objectives.

Tea light candles are truly great add-ons to your dinner table or anywhere in your dining room. However, odorless could be a better option considering that if they are fragrant; you and those around for a meal may get carried away with the fragrance and not the meal you prepared.

With their small size, you can feel free to light some pieces and leave them as they can last for a long time. They are economical and are very practical. They are actually “in” for any kind of special occasions or perhaps for average days. If there is occasion and you have visitors in your patio, you can place tea light candles around as you savor every moment shared with people you choose to be with.

scented candles for honeymoon
scented candles for honeymoon

For average days, these can make it special. When you soak yourself in a bath tub, you can place these candles around to soothe your mood and feel relaxed. In this case, you can take pleasure in the aroma of fragrant candles.

Experience the glow that can set you free of the negative sensations, try lighting out tea light candles.


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